Boris told to ‘get stuffed’ after Christmas lockdown hint as Britons rage at ‘final straw’

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George Eustice has warned that families living under different coronavirus tiers across England may not be able to spend Christmas together. The Environment Secretary was responding to fears that the country could be under lockdown for the Christmas holidays, claiming that it was “far too early” to set out guidelines. However, the suggestion that Boris Johnson could make the move has sparked fury, especially with talkRADIO’s Mark Dolan.

He told his listeners: “We’ve been taken on a damaging roller-coaster ride.

“We have every right, through honest debate, through following the rule of law, and by peaceful democratic means, we have the right to say, ‘I want to get off’.

“It’s enough now, it isn’t working.

“The final straw has to be the very real threat of a national lockdown in mid-December.”

Mr Dolan continued: “That will see Christmas cancelled.

“We’ve heard from many of our older listeners that they feel they may just have one or two Christmases left to enjoy with their family.

“So if you think you’re going to cancel Christmas as part of this doomed strategy, then think again.

“To deploy a yuletide metaphor: you can get stuffed.”

Calls for tougher lockdown measures have intensified after this week saw the highest daily increase in coronavirus deaths since May.

367 new related deaths were recorded in the UK on October 27, which is an increase of 265 from the previous day.

Top scientific advisers are urging the Prime Minister to place all of England under Tier 3 lockdown measures by mid-December.

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Arthur replied to Mr Dolan’s video, saying: “I give up now, I really do, it seems every adviser in the UK is hell bent on power and keeping themselves in the public domain so continue to call for lockdowns.”

Gill Gentles agreed: “Boris Johnson is acting unlawfully and so too are the police!

“Write to all MPs and write again and again see lawful peaceful action and everyone together will defeat them!”

Kez tweeted: “Well said!”

Jack Floyd wrote: “Christmas will be a great reset, it will be an economic boost and lift our moods.”

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