Boy said he ran away when he realised friend was raping Ana, trial hears

A boy told Garda interviewers that he ran away when he realised his friend was raping Ana Kriegel, a trial heard.

Boy B also said he saw Ana and Boy A “struggling” before she was “flipped” onto the ground.

He said Boy A then climbed on top of Ana, started choking her and “slowly” taking off her clothes.

Boy B told gardaí he realised that Boy A was “raping” Ana and he “had to run”.

He said Boy A had a “blank face” and was showing no emotion while Ana was crying and begging him to stop.

The accused, who were aged 13 at the time, have pleaded not guilty before the Central Criminal Court to murdering Ana Kriegel at Glenwood House, Laraghcon, Clonee Road in Lucan on May 14, 2018.

One of the boys, Boy A, has also denied a charge of aggravated sexual assault.

Yesterday, the jury continued to watch video footage of interviews which gardaí conducted with Boy B after he was arrested for a second time on suspicion of the murder of Ana Kriegel.

The interviews took place at Lucan garda station on July 7, 2018.

Present during interviews six and seven were Boy B, his mother, his solicitor Barry Powderly and Detective Garda Donal Daly and Detective Sergeant (now Inspector) Damien Gannon.

Gardaí told Boy B they had new information and new evidence and the questions they would be asking him were relevant to that.

Gda Daly put it to Boy B he had told “numerous versions” and the only version he wanted was the truth.

“Just the truth, [Boy B],” Gda Daly said.

Boy B said he walked into the abandoned house, looked around, picked up a stick or white plank and then put it down. He walked back outside and Ana and Boy A walked into the house.

He said Boy A then told him to leave.

Boy B said he stood by the doorway and watched as Boy A “took her down and stripped her”. Boy B said he then ran out of the house.

Asked to describe exactly what he saw, Boy B said he saw Boy A on top of Ana, taking her clothes off.

He said he saw Boy A’s construction boots, black bottoms and black hoodie.

Boy B said he could see Ana crying.

He said he guessed that Boy A’s backpack was in the corner.

Boy B said he was standing there, staring, wondering what he should do. He could see Boy A choking Ana.

He said they were both on the ground “struggling”.

Asked about Boy A’s hoodie, Boy B said it was up and he couldn’t really see Boy A’s face, as he was perpendicular to where he was standing.

Boy B said his brain realised what was happening. Boy A then turned his face and he had “this look on his face”.

Boy B said he couldn’t describe the look.

He was shown a photograph of a stick which was found near Ana’s body, but he told detectives this was not the stick he picked up, as the one he picked up did not have red stains on it.

Asked if he had touched the stick in the photograph, Boy B replied: “No.”

Boy B also described the condition of the rooms in the abandoned house, saying there was a lot of trash, rubbish and sticks lying around.

Asked to describe Room 1, which is the room where Ana’s body was later found, Boy B said he saw beer cans, rubbish, rocks, sticks, graffiti and planks.

During the seventh interview, Gda Daly asked Boy B to take him by the hand and give him a guided tour of what he had seen.

Boy B said he went into another room but he heard “shuffling” from the room Boy A and Ana had gone into.

He said he went over to see what was happening. He stood at the door and saw Ana and Boy A. At first it looked like they were hugging. He couldn’t see their faces. Both were struggling and then Boy A flipped her onto the ground.

Boy B said Boy A climbed on top of Ana and started choking her with his right hand. He slowly took off her jumper, T-shirt and her pants.

He said he then realised Boy A was raping Ana and he “had to run”.

Just as Boy A was about to take off Ana’s bra, Boy B said Boy A looked up and that’s when he [Boy B] ran.

Asked if he took off any of Ana’s clothes, Boy B said: “No.”

Asked if he went into the room, Boy B said: “I didn’t.”

Boy B also said he did not see Ana with any injuries.

The trial continues.

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