Boy who told Meghan Markle she was ‘beautiful’ off to Cambridge after smashing A-levels

Meghan Markle called ‘beautiful’ by teenager during school visit

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The Duchess of Sussex visited Robert Clack Upper School in Dagenham back in 2020 to mark International Women’s Day. Head boy Aker Okoye joined Meghan on stage during an assembly where he told fellow pupils: “She really is beautiful, innit?”

The youngster was among students across the UK who received their A-level results today.

Aker achieved a set of three A*s and will now go to Jesus College to study education.

His school tweeted: “Aker achieved A*A*A* and he is off to Jesus College, Cambridge University to study Education. Well done Aker.”

Other Twitter users congratulated Aker on his incredible results.

One with the handle @brazenduchess said: “King Aker! Well done young un, Princess Meghan will be proud!”

Another, Lebby Eyres, commented: “Love this story – the boy who met Meghan Markle and hit the headlines when he said she was beautiful is off to Cambridge.

“In fact all those kids on that school Twitter account are making me feel a bit teary.”

A third posted a clip of the moment Aker shared with Meghan and added: “Wow congrats to the legendary Aker.”

One more, @chezsoryuchris, said: “Congratulations Aker! Time flies!

“I remembered you impressing #PrincessMeghan on Woman’s Day!

“Your mum can’t be prouder of you. Keep being great! Bless you & your mum.”

Aker complimented the Duchess when she visited his school in March 2020 before she and Prince Harry quit as working royals for a new life in the US.

In a speech, Meghan urged the youngsters to “value the women in your lives”.

Aker joined the royal on stage during the assembly to give his thoughts on International Women’s Day.

He greeted Meghan before making his cheeky comment into the microphone to the delight of his classmates.

The Duchess burst out laughing and playfully wagged her finger at him in response before the pair later shared a hug.

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