Brexit boost: How William and Kate’s popularity will help promote UK’s soft power

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He argued that their foreign tours will be an opportunity to promote the UK’s soft power overseas, especially when their faces are so recognisable internationally. While Prime Ministers will come and go, members of the Royal Family remain in the public eye for decades and so their popularity is a huge advantage in promoting the UK’s interests. What’s more, they provide that solid focal point and stability in continuing to represent the nation, even when its politics is in turmoil.

Antony Seldon, political author and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Buckingham, explained this in the ITV documentary ‘Kate: The Making of Modern Queen’.

He said: “The busy foreign tour programme of William and Kate, I think, became even more important after Britain decided in the referendum vote to leave the European Union.

“And what better emblem, rather than the Prime Minister of the day, the come and go Prime Ministers, who pitch up but are little known by the public in these far off lands, but the images of Kate and William who are known every bit across the world?

“So they have an extraordinarily valuable role to play in ensuring that the future of Britain in an uncertain world in which we’re going to be going, will be as good, as strong and as high as possible.”

Emily Nash, royal reporter for Hello magazine, agreed with this analysis, adding that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s visits overseas are very popular, in the same 2017 documentary.

She said that Kate, in particular, has many fans all over the world and cultivating that popularity and growing that soft diplomatic power will be “perfect” for her future role as Queen.

She said: “William and Kate are already travelling a great deal throughout the world, they are visiting many of the realms and countries that they’re going to be visiting for decades to come.

“And their visits are enormously popular, but Kate in particular seems to have really captured the international imagination.

“She has fans all over the world and that’s going to stand her in great stead in years to come and she’s going to be able to grow this soft diplomatic power which will be perfect for her role as Queen.”

While Queen Elizabeth II is the main figurehead in the Royal Family, due to her age ‒ she is 94 years old ‒ she travels abroad much less these days.

Foreign tours generally have extremely busy schedules, with early rises, lots of walking, talking and shaking hands, and the hubbub not ending until the evening, every single day for several weeks.

For this reason, it is much better suited to the younger royals, and with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle now out of the picture, after stepping down as senior royals at the end of March, the onus is almost entirely on William and Kate.

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While the Queen is still very much the matriarch of the Royal Family and still does engagements, her presence overseas has decreased over the years.

What’s more, the young couple have an appeal that really draws out the crowds wherever they go.

Kate even pipped the Queen to the spot of most popular royal in a recent Daily Mirror survey.

The end of the Brexit transition period is now just over three months away and there is no sign of a deal yet.

If the UK ends up leaving the EU with no deal there could be a huge impact on the economy, as well as a lot of political turmoil.

That, on top of the coronavirus crisis, will mean that a stable and popular Royal Family may be key to holding the nation together.

However, it might also mean there are certain implications on how it is run, with an emphasis on getting value for money.

It is believed that Prince Charles favours a slimmed down monarchy, whereby the peripheral royals are essentially dropped and more focus is on the core people.

This means that when he is King, William as the heir and Kate as his future Queen consort will be shouldering a huge amount of responsibility.

What’s more, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will also be growing up with that responsibility in their mind.

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