‘Brexit is DEAD!’ Brexiteer SAVAGES Theresa May for threat to delegate trade deals to EU

LBC host Iain Dale shot down the idea of a customs union and explained how “unacceptable” for the UK for its future trading arrangements. He noted that a customs union would give “total control” to the EU and prevent the UK from trading in its own interests. Mr Dale also criticised the logic of Labour MP’s supporting a customs union and questioned whether this would be the Parties course of action if they were in power.

A custom union means we are out of the EU but they have total trade control

Iain Dale

He began by saying: “If we decide to stay in a customs union, Brexit is over.

“Brexit is dead, it would actually be better to stay in the EU on current membership terms than join a customs union.

“A lot of people who seem to be in favour of a customs union seem to have no clue what it involves.

“It means if we stay in the customs union but are outside of the EU, they have total control.

“You could have the French to support a trade deal with China which was totally against the interest of Britain and we could do nothing about it.

“I don’t think that is acceptable for the United Kingdom as a major international player, as a major international economy to delegate our trade deals to another institution of which we have no influence over whatsoever.

“You may think that that is okay, fine but I do not, Boris Johnson does not.

“I can’t really understand the logic of any Labour MP that thinks that is a good idea.

“If Labour was in power is that what they would want to do, they would want the EU to control British trading policy.

“I can’t see the logic in that, can you?”

Theresa May announced yesterday after seven hours of Cabinet meetings that she would be engaging Jeremy Corbyn with talks in hopes of agreeing on an acceptable Brexit plan.

Mrs May faced immediate criticism from Brexiteer MPs who believe that the Prime Minister will allow the Labour party to influence the outcome of Brexit with fears of remaining in the single market or having a customs union.

The Prime Minister is also expected to bring her withdrawal agreement forward again to Members of Parliament before April 12, the new Brexit leave date.

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