‘Brexit is OVER!’ Sadiq Khan attacked over ‘troubling’ EU extension plea – ‘Not his job!’

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Shaun Bailey told the London Mayor should spend his energy on things that come under his purview instead of concerning himself with Brexit. Earlier this month Mr Khan called for an extension to the Brexit transition period between the UK and the European Union. 

Mr Bailey said: “What Sadiq Khan has displayed with his demands is that he has a real inability to work with the Government which is really troubling for Londoners because we have a Government that has just spent £352 billion propping up the country.

“We are going to have to argue hard for every penny that we get sent to London and he has shown he has no ability to work with the Government.

“I wish he spent his energy on things that come under his purview that would be excellent for the people in London.”

He continued: “Yes, London does have a big stake in Brexit but it is not his job to administer how Brexit is worked out.

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“That has never been his job and the argument over Brexit is over, we are going to leave that is a fact.

“What he needs to do is prepare London for a strong economic recovery and a man at the helm like this is a real worry not just for London but for the country as well.

“London drives the country’s economy and if we don’t get our game together because our Mayor is playing silly bug***s then we are all in trouble.”

Mr Khan has warned in a letter to the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Michael Gove that the economic impact of a no deal Brexit would wreak havoc on the economy.

“The last thing the country needs as it tries to find a way back from the devastation wreaked by coronavirus is more chaos and uncertainty,” he wrote.

“I urge the Government to put political ideology aside and pursue the pragmatic route of seeking an extension to the negotiations so that we and our European partners can focus on recovery from COVID-19.”

Responding to Khan’s letter, a Government spokesperson said: “An extension to the transition period would bind us into future EU legislation, without us having any say in designing it, but still having to foot the bill as we would still have to make payments into the EU budget.

“The EU themselves have said that their next budget will be unusual, and we would have no say in what it would go towards. We need to be able to design our own rules, in our best interests, to manage our response to coronavirus – without the constraints of following EU rules.”

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Last month the Conservative Party’s candidate for the position of London Mayor revealed his two “secret weapons” in the delayed contest against Sadiq Khan.

Mr Bailey told “I have two secret weapons to beat Sadiq Khan.

“One this is not a party political thing for me, this is about appealing to Londoners that have to work for a living.

“The vast majority of London works so hard just to make ends meet, my politics is about making that journey through life a little bit easier, safer and more pleasurable.

“The other thing is Sadiq Khan, his record is woeful, it is a simple fact.”

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