Brexiteer Leadsom drops shock confession on how Corbyn could rise to Government on Peston

Ms Leadsom, the Conservative Party Secretary of State for Business, warned that a vote for the Brexit Party might well make way for a Jeremy Corbyn Government. It came during an interview with ITV’s Robert Peston on his namesake show, where Ms Leadsom added that the Conservative Party were the only party poised to secure a deal with the EU.

She said: “I think anybody who wants to leave the European Union with a deal needs to vote Conservative.

“Voting for Brexit Party won’t mean we leave the EU.

“It will simply mean we get Jeremy Corbyn, and more importantly…”

Mr Peston interrupted her and said: “Would you urge Nigel Farage at this last moment to reconsider and simply not field candidates?”

Ms Leadsom replied: “He will do what he wants to do.

“But, I would appeal outside all political leaders, to the public, to give Boris Johnson the chance to get Brexit done so we can move onto their priorities.”

Ms Leadsoms fears follow Nigel Farage’s announcement that his Brexit Party would field candidates in Labour-held marginal seats, despite coming under pressure from Conservatives to steer clear of the said seats.

This was, he explained, to win the votes of those who had been left behind by Labour who had “turned their back on Brexit”.

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Despite Mr Farage’s intending to target Labour, Tories across the board have said the Brexit Party man could threaten a Conservative majority Government.

Tory Chairman, James Cleverly, warned Mr Farage’s plan posed a “danger” to the Conservatives.

Mr Farage confirmed that 300 nomination papers for his MPs had been signed off, saying he will “take the fight to Labour”.

Though Conservative fears of losing votes is still relatively high, the party was momentarily relieved when Mr Farage announced his party would not stand in 317 seats won by the Tories at the last election.


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The Brexit Party had planned to run candidates in more than 600 seats after the Prime Minister rejected an offer from its leader to form a “Leave alliance” to deliver Brexit.

However, the former UKIP leader revealed in a column for The Daily Telegraph revealed how he instead plans to challenge Labour in all of their seats to ensure a hung Parliament is avoided.

He said: “I believe The Brexit Party’s general election strategy of not contesting the 317 seats won by the Conservatives in 2017 will put Britain on the best possible course for future success.

“It should also kill off the idea of a second referendum.

“Now, The Brexit Party will focus its energies on fighting every seat held by Labour, which has betrayed more than five million of its voters, and all the Remainer parties.

“If we can win some of these seats, our presence in Parliament will keep Boris Johnson honest and help to deliver Brexit.”

The reason for his U-turn, Mr Farage said, was because of a video Mr Johnson posted to Twitter promising not to extend the transition period beyond the end of 2020 as his reason for changing his mind.

However, many have speculated that the Brexit Party Leader and Prime Minister have made a secret pact in favour of a hard Brexit.

Both sides deny this, with Mr Farage reiterating he had been offered a peerage by the Tories as recently as last Friday but had turned it down.

Mr Farage will now pour all of his and his Brexit Party’s efforts into targeting seats held by remain parties and Labour in largely leave areas, of which have accused him of entering into an “alliance with Donald Trump to sell out our country”.

Some pro-Brexit Tories welcomed the move, with their hoping Mr Farage makes an effort to make more movement on targeting seats in a bid to tactically seal Brexit.

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