Brit forced to buy tickets for Ukrainian refugees after being turned away by airline

Ukraine: Radio caller housing refugees shares Ryanair ‘scandal’

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Phone in caller Mickey Primrose sat down to speak with radio host Nick Ferrari to discuss Ukrainian refugees trying to come to the UK. Ms Primrose explained that she had purchased tickets for relatives but they were refused entry at the airport when trying to board a Ryanair flight. An estimated 4.6m people have left Ukraine to seek refuge in neighbouring countries due to the Russian invasion of their land. Ms Primrose explained that the little girl trying to cross and come to the UK has just come out of the hospital due to dehydration from travel, she then went on to describe her frustration when having to pay extra due to the airline’s delays.

Mr Ferrari said: “Come on then talk us through, how were you made aware of the problems at the airport?”

Ms Primrose said: “We had actually purchased the tickets on Sunday, we did have a look at the free flights but we couldn’t get the family over until June with the re-flights.

Mr Ferrari said: “June, oh God! I was hoping it was over by June.”

Ms Primrose added: “Well, and the little girl had only recently come out of the hospital, she was suffering from dehydration from the travel.

“So we just felt like we couldn’t leave it that long, so we paid £196 on Sunday for the flights for them to come over with Ryanair.

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Ms Primrose added: “So about 4 o’clock yesterday morning I had dad ring me up in a panic saying they won’t let us on, we have to pay, you haven’t paid.

“And I said, well we have paid, we’ve got the receipts and he says yeah I can see that because Dad is actually from Turk…”

Mr Ferrari added: “Turkmenistan I think it is.”

Ms Primrose said: “Yeah, so actually he is a Ukrainian citizen, he’s there to see his wife… So that’s why he’s not been fined because I know we’ve had comments about that.

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Mr Ferrari added: “No he’s a Turkemistan citizen that’s why he’s not fighting of course.”

Ms Primrose said: “So I could hear mum crying in the background and the little girl, and I said what’s going off, and they explained.

“So I said quickly take it over to the counter and I’ll just pay the £50.

“So he went over and the lady was like wait, wait went off for ten minutes then came back and said no they’ve missed the flight now the gate shut five minutes ago.

“And I was like, the flight doesn’t go for another hour, surely you can see the circumstances, they’re refugees from Ukraine we’re just trying to get them in Britain.

“No I can’t help, let me speak to a manager, it’s too late you’ll have to buy another ticket.”

Travel expert and HotelPlanner CEO and co-founder Tim Hentschel has warned Brits to do their research before purchasing tickets to travel at this present moment in time.

Speaking to Mr Hentschel said: “Definitely register with the UK Embassy or Consulate in your destination city so officials know you’re in the country and can assist you in an emergency.”

He added: “Follow the news. If war spreads across Eastern Europe or into one inch or NATO soil, you should have a plan to evacuate or relocate to a safer area.”

Mr Hentschel said: “Most Europeans will be keeping their summer vacation plans, despite Ukraine.

“Russia just announced that they will allow inbound/outbound travel from 52 select countries,”

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