British dad in Majorca tests positive for deadly coronavirus bug

A British father has tested positive for coronavirus in a Majorcan hospital, health officials on the island have confirmed.

Four Britons were admitted to hospital on the Spanish holiday island after coming into contact with a coronavirus sufferer.

Local authorities say they are a couple and their two children.

The father has been quarantined at the island’s main hospital Son Espases.

His wife and kids have also been admitted to the same hospital in the capital Palma after tests to see if they have the killer virus.

The admissions occurred after the unnamed dad, who lives in Majorca, went to the hospital on Thursday to inform medics he had been in contact with a person who had tested positive for the virus in France.

His wife and children were admitted after he was quarantined.

The regional health authority confirmed in a statement the coronavirus emergency protocol had been activated.

It said: ‘The case under investigation affects four members of the same British family living in Majorca who have been examined by health professionals.

‘The father went to Son Espases Hospital and the mother and children were subsequently transferred to the hospital for evaluation.

‘The family have said they were in contact with a person who tested positive for coronavirus in France.

‘The man has been quarantined and samples have been taken from all four to send them to a laboratory in Majadahonda in Madrid.

‘They have all been admitted to hospital.’

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