Brussels embarrassment: Twice as many Brits now back Boris’ Brexit deal in huge Tory surge

The Prime Minister will make one final bid on Tuesday to force his Brexit bill through Parliament to ensure the UK leaves the EU on October 31. He will ask MPs to support him in passing the withdrawal agreement on Tuesday and in getting it through the House of Commons by the end of Thursday. Mr Johnson will tell MPs: “We have negotiated a new deal so that we can leave without disruption and provide a framework for a new relationship based on free trade and friendly cooperation.

“We are leaving the European Union but we will always be European”.

New polling figures show that the public stands squarely behind the Prime Minister’s deal, raising the pressure on MPs to get Brexit done.

According to a Survation poll, 58 percent of voters want the UK to leave the EU with a deal.

This is almost twice as many as last month, when only 33 percent were in favour of exiting the EU with an agreement.

The Government has insisted yet again that it will not countenance any further delay to Brexit.

The Prime Minister was forced by the Benn act to send a letter requesting a further delay on Saturday, after Parliament succeeded in postponing a vote on Mr Johnson’s new Brexit deal.

However, The Prime Minister refused to sign the letter and immediately sent a second one to EU heads, advising them not to grant the extension.

A No 10 source said: ““We cannot allow Parliament’s letter to lead to Parliament’s delay — we must leave on October 31 and finally get Brexit done.”

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In an attempt to rally Conservative support ahead of the votes on Tuesday, Jacob Rees-Mogg said: “People who don’t vote for the programme motion will be voting not to have Brexit on 31 October.”

In further positive news for Boris Johnson, new polling data shows the Tories taking votes away from the Brexit Party.

The latest from YouGov sees Mr Farage’s party in fourth place with 11 percent, well behind the Tories on 37 percent.

Labour is in second with 22 percent and the Lib Dems in third with 18 percent.

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This is a significant drop for the Brexit Party, who emerged top of the polls at 24 percent in June, shortly before Mrs May resigned.

Mr Farage saw a further dip in support recently when he revealed he preferred another Brexit delay over the Prime Minister’s deal.

Mr Farage said the deal was “95 percent the same as Mrs May’s” and “the second-worst deal in history”.

He told Sky News: “I want a general election, so an extension for a few weeks into which we can have a general election is a much better outcome than signing up to a treaty that becomes part of international law that binds us in foreign policy and in many, many other areas.

“We are going to have to be on a level playing field with the rest of Europe which means we still haven’t taken back control of our laws – this is not Brexit.”

However, supporters of the Brexit Party were quick to criticise the stance.

On social media, one said Mr Farage “clearly doesn’t want to leave”, accusing him of enjoying the “luxurious lifestyle” of an MEP.

Another wrote: “I’m a fan Nigel, but I think it’s time to back this deal. No deal will never happen.”

Yet another said he believed Mr Farage was “tactically wrong”, and said that “if we hold out for the perfect Brexit I fear we will get nothing”.

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