Burglar caught after dialling 999 by sitting on his phone during break-in

The ‘world’s unluckiest burglars’ were caught by police after one of them accidentally called 999 by sitting on his phone during a break-in.

During a burglary in Middleport on Wednesday night, one of the criminals sat on his phone and unknowingly called emergency operators, who realised what was happening when the line sounded ‘suspicious’.

Officers quickly tracked the call and were able to listen in the break-in, right up until they could hear their own sirens arrive at the house.

Staffordshire Police said they arrested two men, aged 49 and 42, both from Stoke-on-Trent, on suspicion of burglary. 

Chief Inspector John Owen compared the hilarious mistake to Home Alone’s Wet Bandits with a gif of Marv sticking his head through a cat flap.

He tweeted: ‘I think we just arrested the world’s unluckiest burglars.

‘While committing a burglary, one of the bungling burglars accidentally sat on his phone and dialled 999.

‘We received a call detailing all of their antics up to the point of hearing our patrols arrive and arrest them.’ 

Thousands of people have liked the tweet with one commenting it was ‘like a scene you couldn’t make up’. 

Staffordshire Police said: ‘Officers responded to a suspicious phone call just before 9.10pm on Wednesday, January 6.

‘Subsequently, Staffordshire Police dispatched officers to the Middleport area of Stoke-on-Trent.’ 

Both men remain in custody.

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