‘Burning the UK flag’ Farage and Jobson skewer Harry and Meghan on ‘disaster’ royal attack

Prince Harry and Meghan criticised by Farage and Jobson

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Robert Jobson and Nigel Farage appeared on GB News where they discussed the impact of the Oprah Winfrey interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on the UK’s international brand. Mr Jobson fears it will be difficult for the Royal Family to return back to America on special diplomatic missions as most of the focus will be on Meghan and Harry similar to when Harry visited the UK this year. But the royal expert added the Royal Family likely do not want to go to America because of the belief there that they are “racist” as the group are usually well-received when they visit.

Speaking on GB News, Mr Jobson and Mr Farage looked at Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah Winfrey and what the fallout has been

Mr Jobson said: “They still think the Royal Family is racist and they still think that these things were said. 

“I think it’s pretty poor for us and I think it’s gonna be difficult actually for members of the Royal Family to go over to America. 

“I mean, it’s all gonna be about Harry and Meghan, before you were doing business with the great special relationship and trying to build relations with America as big trading partners.

“It’s all going to be about [Harry and Meghan] so for them coming back, I don’t think they even want to.”

Mr Jobson then discussed with Mr Farage the Royal Family’s image in America who still strongly believe they are racist.

He explained: “I’m getting a feeling when I’m doing a lot of work for America they genuinely believe some of this racist bunkum.”

Mr Farage agreed and said the Sussexes had a “mover advantage” as they could get their story out first without the royals being able to respond.

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Mr Jobson replied: “I mean really, the work that the Queen’s done with the Commonwealth and the Prince of Wales [has done] a huge amount of work.

“And to even implicate them as racist is ludicrous.”

Mr Farage said he “hated it” and also disliked how close the Oprah Winfrey interview was to the Duke of Edinburgh being in hospital.

Mr Jobson gave his take and said: “I was shocked, I thought it was deeply unpleasant in the way that it was handled.

“I said on air I thought it was a bit like someone burning the American flag, what they were doing is burning out the British flag.

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“And the nonsense that was talked about, you know, like they had a secret marriage, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the holy man of the land, actually came out and said it was a lie.

“You had other things in there that were just nonsense.”

The Sussexes claimed they were secretly married a few days before their main ceremony in a garden by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

But the religious leader came out to defend himself and say it would be “illegal” for him to do.

Mr Jobson added: “I thought that Oprah more than anybody let herself down by pulling them to account.”

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