Bus passengers are left without leg to stand on – because seats at shelters are 30in high

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One bench is 10 inches too high according to Essex councillor Paul Thorogood, who cannot reach the floor when seated even though he is 6ft tall.

He said: “The height of the seats isn’t very user-friendly… unless you’re a giant!

“The seats are meant to be 20 inches high. But one is 30 inches and the other is 26. For a 5ft 2in pensioner with a dodgy knee or hip it’s totally unusable.

“Many people who are elderly, or have a disability, need to sit when waiting for a bus. At the moment, they can’t.”

Mr Thorogood said the shelters in Fleering, Essex, were paid for by housing developer Bloor Homes as part of a deal with the council to build 165 homes.

And as Essex County Council is responsible for their upkeep, taxpayers may have to foot the bill to put them right.

Mr Thorogood added: “They haven’t fixed it yet but it will be in the pipeline.”

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