Camilla faced ‘torrent of abuse’ when affair with Charles was leaked

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Camilla endured “torrents” of abuse from the public after her affair with King Charles was revealed, a royal expert has claimed. Angela Levin, who released a biography of Camilla in 2022, said the Queen Consort was forced to spend most of her time at home to avoid the harsh backlash from the public. Camilla was even said to be afraid to pop to the shops and had to send friends instead.

Angela Levin told OK!: “It was very difficult for her, as she was portrayed as the most wicked woman in the world. She was constantly called nasty names like ‘rottweiler’ and it must have come as a huge shock that people were so vile about her.”

Charles and Camilla reportedly began their affair in 1986, five years after his wedding to Diana, but their romance was not confirmed until 1993 when an intimate phone call between the two was leaked.

It caused shockwaves across the country and the scandal was rapidly dubbed “camillagate.”

Despite the wave of abuse Camilla then faced, Angela said that Camilla “didn’t complain or make a big fuss” and that she just “stayed home and didn’t go out.”

Angela continued: “I don’t think Charles realised how awful it was for her. He was often away on engagements and working hard for the country and Commonwealth, and at the time Camilla didn’t have protection officers because she wasn’t part of the Royal Family. But when Charles finally realised, he did get protection for her, which he paid for himself.”

According to reports, Charles paid for Camilla to have two full time protection officers out of his own pocket until their marriage in 2005 when Camilla qualified for publically funded security.

Charles officially confirmed that he and Camilla had had an affair during his marriage to Diana in June 1994 when he admitted to being unfaithful to Diana in a TV interview with Jonathan Dimbleby.

The identity of his mistress was not officially confirmed until excerpts from his authorised biography, which was also written by Dimbleby, were published in the Sunday Times later that same month.

At the time, Dimbleby wrote: “That they loved each other was not in any doubt. In Camilla Parker Bowles, the prince found the warmth, the understanding and the steadiness for which he had always longed and had never been able to find with any other person.”

Although the abuse Camilla faced from the upset public eventually declined over time, Angela Levin said she suspects Camilla “must still bear the scars of it all.”

“She still gets nervous about things,” Angela explained, adding that she’ll “probably be anxious” about Charles’ upcoming Coronation, which is due to take place on 6 May 2023.

“She can never be sure how people are going to react towards her,” Angela claims. “There’s a small but very harsh group of people who still think she’s the wrong woman for him.”

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