Camilla important tool for Royal Family thanks to skill ‘drilled’ in her as a girl

Prince Charles and Camilla’s bond based in 'friendship’ says expert

Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall has gained many skills as one of the busiest senior royals, according to online publication The List. However, the Duchess is said to have learned how to always fill a silence when needed from her mother long before she officially joined the Royal Family.

The List narrator Christine-Marie Liwag Dixon said: “Camilla Parker Bowles considers herself to be something of an expert at the art of conversation, which has served her well while carving out a reputation as one of the busiest senior royals.

“However, she apparently wasn’t born with this particular talent. 

“Instead, it’s a learned skill that was drilled into her by her mother at a young age.”

The Duchess of Cornwall confessed in an interview with the Daily Mail: “My mother could be quite fierce sometimes.

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“I remember once there was a dinner party at home with some of the most boring neighbours in the world, she’d sit us down at the dinner table and the minute there was silence, she used to say ‘Talk! I don’t care what you talk about, talk about your budgie or your pony but keep the conversation going.'”

Ms Liwag Dixon added: “As a result, Parker Bowles learned how to always fill a silence when needed.”   

In addition to her personal skills, the Duchess of Cornwall’s similarities to the Queen allowed the two royals to eventually “personally get on” according to royal commentator.

Robert Jobson, Royal Editor of the London Evening Standard, told Channel 5, Camilla was initially viewed as a threat to the “security of the monarchy”.

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Mr Jobson said: “If you actually look at the two women, they share an awful lot of similarities.

“Both are country women essentially, they both love horses, they share a passion for the countryside.

“There are a lot of similarities that they would always personally get on.

“But I think prior to the growing acceptance for the Prince of Wales to marry Camilla, of course, the Queen, wearing her hat as monarch, would have a problem with what that could ultimately mean to the monarchy, and to the security of the monarchy.”

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Vanity Fair Royal Editor Katie Nicholl told Channel 5 the Queen’s relationship with Camilla has slowly changed.

She said: “This has not been an easy relationship.

“In fact, this wasn’t a relationship that she had endorsed at all.

“But time had moved on, the situation had changed and she gave them her full backing.”

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