Camilla subject to torrent of abuse after testing positive for Covid

Camilla cancels royal appearances after testing positive for Covid

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Queen Camilla has tested positive for Covid after coming down with cold-like symptoms, Buckingham Palace announced yesterday. The 75-year-old has cancelled and postponed all her engagements this week, including those in Birmingham and Telford, initially citing a “seasonal illness”. But in a matter of hours, since the news broke, the Queen Consort has received a barrage of hate on Twitter with the Daily Express’s Royal correspondent Richard Palmer condemning the abuse as “toxic” and “disgraceful”, suggesting Prince Harry’s recent book and docu-series might have incited the hatred.

Several nasty comments aimed at Camilla have emerged on social media with the Queen Consort being compared to animals. Some have grossly speculated which ailment the Queen Consort — who wed King Charles III in 2005 — is suffering from.

There were more than one suggesting that she had come down with a sexually transmitted disease, swith one user posing the question “royal mistresses usually get syphilis don’t they?”

Other cruel suggestions were put forward for her “seasonal illness” such as “whorenorroea”, “too much gin and Dubonnet [a wine-based aperatif] after supper” and “mad cow disease”.

Another pretended to show sympathy, saying they “hoped they called a vet or whoever treats horses”.

It was also recommended that the former Duchess of Cornwall be “dosed with Ivermectin”, medication that is commonly used to treat parasitic diseases.

Some appear pleased to hear the news of the royal’s ill health, asking whether they were “horrible” for laughing at Mr Palmer’s tweet, stating that she had tested positive with the virus that has killed hundreds and thousands of Brits since it emerged in 2020.

Many did not hold back in expressing their disdain for Camilla with another Twitter user describing Camilla as a “homewrecker”.

Camilla and Charles first dated in the Seventies before rekindling their relationship in the Eighties, while both married to other people. Their affair famously provoked Princess Diana’s description that there were “three people” in their marriage and the publication of the so-called Camillagate tapes.

Mr Palmer hit back at the hatred that had emerged in response to his tweets, suggesting that the reaction should be taken seriously by both sides of the Royal Family “debate” that has ensued ever since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped back from their royal duties.

In a tweet, published on Tuesday morning, Mr Palmer wrote: “I’m all for public and media scrutiny of the Royal Family but the debate on all sides has become so toxic now it’s a disgrace.

“The reaction from some on Twitter to Queen Camilla going down with Covid should give many people, including her stepson Prince Harry, food for thought.”

In his recent tell-all memoir, Spare, the Duke of Sussex described his stepmother as “dangerous” and “the villain” in the 60 Minutes interview with Anderson Cooper.

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The father of two also revealed in the ghost-written book, released last month, that both he and his older brother Prince William promised to welcome Camilla into the royal fold on the basis that they did not marry.

According to US Weekly, Charles was “distraught” with Harry airing “embarrassing and damaging assertions” and “dragging” Camilla into “the equation”.

Harry’s book, published with Penguin Random House, was the fastest-selling non-fiction book since records began with some half a million copies sold in the UK in its first week.

Camilla tested positive for Covid first in February 2022 with the then Prince Charles also catching the virus at the same time. She is fully vaccinated, now resting, and said to be “in good spirits”.

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