Camilla’s ‘absolutely lovely’ nickname for Prince Charles revealed

Prince Charles, Camilla and Kate visit Trinity Buoy Wharf

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On Thursday morning the three royals toured Trinity Buoy Wharf to see the work of the Prince’s charitable foundation. The building has been turned into the training site for Charles’s charity and Kate, 40, Camilla, 74, and Charles, 73, met with staff and students attending various courses.

During the visit which lasted 45-minutes, the Royal Family members chatted with current and former students as well as teachers and staff who take part in an array of courses including fashion, fine art, photography and animation.

Clarence House said that Kate had been invited to attend the event by her father-in-law because of their “shared interest and longstanding support of the arts and creative industries.”

The event marked only the second time Kate has joined her in-laws for a public engagement without being in the company of Prince William.

Kate’s first solo appearance with the couple came In March 2012, when the trio attended an engagement at the Dulwich Picture Gallery in London while Prince William was away in the Falklands on an RAF posting.

During the visit, the three royals struck up conversations with students studying photography, sculpting, and painting classes.

The royals also visited those studying at the Future Textiles Studio and Pattern-cutting Studio, where they were shown models and cuttings.

On their way out of the facility, Kate, Charles and Camilla were spotted stopping to speak with a few schoolchildren.

The children attend a nearby school and could be seen waving to the royals through the window.

In footage from the engagement, Kate can be seen kneeling to speak with some pupils, while Charles and Camilla chatted with some older children.

The heir to the throne even cracked a joke before leaving, reassuring pupils it was “almost lunchtime”.

As he made the joke to those waving through the window, the Duchess of Cornwall used an endearing nickname to get her husband’s attention.

As he appears to walk away, Camilla can be seen outstretching a hand to Charles and getting his attention by calling out “darling”.

Upon hearing the term, the Prince of Wales returns to his wife’s side and offered her a pen to sign a book held aloft by one of the pupils they’d been chatting with.

Eagled eyed royal fans were quick to point out the endearment, with one calling it “absolutely lovely”.

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Others questioned whether the Duchess had used the term “Charlie” instead, but one fan called Kristie claimed it was definitely “darling”.

She said: “I’m pretty sure she says ‘darling’ – as she’s done for the past 17 years.

One fan pointed out that it was “unusual” to see the term used by Camilla rather than Charles.

This is because previously the term of endearment has been used Charles when referring to Camilla during numerous occasions throughout the couple’s marriage.

In 2020, a slew of letters that Prince Charles had exchanged with royal maid Marjorie Dawson were uncovered.

As reported by The Mirror, the letters showed Charles touchingly referring to his wife as “my Darling Camilla”.

The Prince of Wales also used the term during an ITV documentary entitled ‘Camilla: The Real Duchess of Cornwall’, which aired in 2018.

The programme saw family, friends and biographers sharing an insight into the Duchess and her personal character, and Charles called Camilla “my darling wife”, while praising her commitment to philanthropic work, and her demeanour.

He said: “My darling wife has been absolutely wonderful with all these charities and takes a huge interest.

“She does have a wonderful way with people. She’s remarkable, really. She’s the best listener in the world. She can get anything out of anybody and find out their history in a very short time.”

The heir of the throne also used the term to describe Camilla during a solo portion of his Wales tour in 2018, when the royal visited the Corn Exchange in Crickhowell, a small Welsh town.

Charles turned down the chance to taste some chocolate at a zero-waste store called Natural Weigh, and declared, “It’s my darling wife who likes chocolate!”

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