Camilla’s ‘brag’ about ancestor’s royal affair as a child: ‘Wanted to follow in footsteps’

Charles and Camilla 'always have to be on guard' says Levin

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Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall left a royal fan thrilled after receiving two heartfelt letters from the royal. Christin had written to Camilla to wish her a happy 75th birthday in July and was delighted to receive a response last week. The letter simply read: “Thank you for your birthday message. I can’t quite believe that I’ve reached three-quarters of a century!”

Christin received two cards from the Duchess, both with the same message and featuring a photograph of Camilla on the front.

The teacher could not contain her excitement, as she posted on Twitter about her first “royal double”.

Christin later told she “regularly” writes to the royal for her birthday and Christmas, revealing: “Often I am including personal words and sharing my appreciation for her work.
“As a teacher, I admire her reading room project on Instagram, which tries to connect children and people with books. As a woman I support her work for victims of domestic violence, giving those a voice who should be heard.”

Camilla has garnered a lot of praise for her charity work since becoming a working royal over 17 years ago.

Her marriage to Prince Charles in 2005 came after years of trying to position the Duchess as a more popular figure among the British public.

Both Charles and Camilla became the targets of public criticism after it emerged the pair had been engaging in an extramarital affair during the Prince of Wales’ marriage to his first wife Diana, Princess of Wales.

While the relationship may have come as a shocking revelation to some, one royal biographer has claimed the Duchess had given the idea some thought decades earlier.

Christopher Anderson, author of ‘The Day Diana Died’, appeared on the To Di For Daily podcast this week to discuss the late princess’ legacy in honour of the 25th anniversary of her death later this month.

He told host Kinsey Schofield that Camilla had once “bragged” about her great-grandmother’s royal affair, and claimed the young Duchess wanted to follow in the footsteps of her ancestor.

Mr Anderson said: “I interviewed a number of people who grew up with Camilla, and one of them was the actress Lynn Redgrave, who has passed away since.

“She went to the same school [as Camilla] and they all remembered, even as a little girl, she [Camilla] bragged about her great-grandmother, Alice Keppel, who was the King’s mistress and she said she was going to follow in her great-grandmother’s footsteps.

“It shows how long she had this in her mind.”

Alice Keppel was the notorious mistress of King Edward VII and had been Camilla’s role model since childhood.

Aged 29, Alice met Edward, then Prince of Wales and heir apparent to the throne.

Despite their 26-year age difference, Alice became the royal’s mistress and their relationship lasted through his accession to the throne in 1901 and until his death in 1910.

Edward’s wife, Queen Alexandra, even summoned Alice to her husband’s bedside as he lay dying.

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Alice once explained her role as royal mistress: “My job is to curtsy first, and then jump into bed.”

Though Alice died in 1946, a year before Camilla’s birth, the Duchess became fascinated with her great-grandmother’s story of royal romance.

Writing for New York Post in 2016, Mr Anderson claimed: “Fellow pupils at the aptly named Queen’s Gate boarding school near Kensington Palace remember 10-year-old “Milla” waltzing into class and grandly ordering the other children to bow before her. ‘My great-grandmother was the lover of the King,’ she proclaimed. ‘We’re practically royalty.’”

And, as legend has it, the Duchess used the same words to charm the Prince of Wales decades later, with Camilla allegedly saying: “My great-grandmother was the mistress of your great-great-grandfather — so how about it?”

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