‘Cancel culture’ Boxing Day and New Year hunt event plans blocked

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Rutland County Council, which the Tories lost to no overall control this year, has told organisers of the Cottesmore Hunt it cannot use its land in the next few weeks. The authority, which has stressed its neutrality on the matter, said the events would require safety measures such as crowd and traffic control which would need to be the subject of “proper, timely consultation” with residents. It has blocked hunt activity on any land it owns, such as car parks, thoroughfares, parks and some industry sites, according to Leicestershire Live.

People online have now blasted the authority for caving into “cancel culture” while others stated “great British traditions” ought to be protected.

But some said it was good news, calling hunting “barbaric”.

The council’s full statement said: “Rutland County Council has been contacted by the organisers of the Cottesmore Hunt, who have indicated that they wish to hold two outdoor events in the coming weeks – one on Boxing Day and another on New Year’s Day.

“Rutland County Council wishes to remain neutral on the matter of hunting.

“Therefore, while we have issued safety guidance to the Cottesmore Hunt – advising them of the need for appropriate crowd and traffic control measures at any events which may take place – we will not consider hunt activities on Rutland County Council land without full event details and proper, timely consultation with local residents.

“As a result, we will not be allowing council sites, including car parks owned by the council, to be used for these upcoming events.

“The council cannot prohibit events from taking place on private land or enforce event guidance unless there is an imminent risk to public health.

“We will continue to work with other agencies to share information and monitor any possible risk to public safety.”

Hunt events with permission can take place on private land, unless there is an imminent risk to public health.

Nevertheless, people shared their ire with the council online.

“Political cancel culture,” one comment reads.

“I’m all for the great British traditions,” another states. “Let them carry on,” a third says.

But others called the activity “barbaric”.

One person wrote: “It’s a disgusting and barbaric practice disguised as a ‘sport’ for the elitist and privileged.”

National Trust last month banned trail chases, fearing they are too often a cover for the outlawed bloodsport of fox hunting.

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