Can’t afford a Lamborghini? Get a hearse instead

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It’s generally quite obvious who’s sitting inside a hearse driving through town: people making their way to a funeral. But what if that wasn’t true and there was a completely different use to these vehicles?

Some people use hearses as their ordinary mode of transport.

It may seem strange that someone would want to own a car associated with death, but for many, it’s less about dead bodies and more about the singularity of driving such a vehicle.

As reported by The Mirror, owning a hearse even comes with a range of benefits – it’s comfortable, good to drive, and great for a trip to Ikea thanks to its size.

Katy Louise, the proud owner of one of these cars, said: “Our main reason for getting a hearse was the fact that my partner was a huge Ghostbusters fan and always wanted his own Ecto-1, so we bought the hearse to convert into the infamous Ghostbusters car.

“I’d never driven a hearse previously, but I have to say it is by far the best, most comfy car I have ever driven. I’d really recommend a hearse to anyone looking for a comfortable car to drive as well as the added bonus of all that space.”

“It’s great when you need to go and do a big supermarket shop or the dreaded Christmas present shopping!”

Hearses have also been labelled effective conversation starters: “We find it gets people talking to you and you end up learning someone’s whole life story in a matter of a few minutes,” says Katy.

“It’s not all positive though – understandably, it can be pretty difficult to find a parking space and it can be a bit of a tight squeeze, as well as the cost of fuel and insurance.”

However, that’s one of the few cons she sees: “If people are looking for something different and quirky, then I’d recommend a hearse over any other car.”

Another hearse user said: “I personally use it for going to Lidl, and for my giant dog Eve.

“Plus, I might travel up and down the UK in it because of all the added space.”

Hearse users take their cars seriously, putting significant effort into making them unique and cosy: from Ghostbuster stickers to bright orange flames, custom hearses are even more attention-grabbing than the standard hearse you’d sit in when being taken to a funeral.

Hearse owner Clare Brookes said: “I think I like the unusual, the things other people don’t have in their everyday life and, especially, I love that people think owning a hearse is eerie.”

Another hearse lover, George Coupland, said: “I wanted a car that is different but can’t afford a Lamborghini! I’m into gothic culture, and a hearse is the ultimate goth ride.”

The stories of these hearse owners prove that not every such vehicle carries a dead body in the back – they may just be off to Ikea or Lidl.

One thing’s for sure… For those who drive a hearse, life doesn’t get boring: “I’ve had numerous strangers wanting a photo taken standing next to her — yes, she is a she — or laying in the back,” explains David. “Owning a hearse is a laugh, it offends and pleases people in equal measures. I’ve had some great reactions whilst loading the weekly shopping.”

Some of those reactions were negative, David says, “but you kind of need to have an ‘I don’t care’ attitude if you own a hearse.”

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