Caravan row 'because neighbours don't like that I have a job and own nice stuff'

A resident claims he was ordered to remove his parked caravan after ‘jealous’ neighbours complained to the council. 

Ben Beecroft, 36, has kept a caravan outside his home in Sneyd Green, Stoke-on-Trent, for the past four winters.

But the joiner’s new model appears to have incurred the wrath of certain neighbours who he claims are resentful he has got himself a job. 

He said: ‘It’s the neighbours who have reported us to the council. 

‘I’ve had a caravan parked there for four years but as soon as I had a new one, it’s an issue. 

‘They don’t like it because I have nice stuff, that’s how it is.’

He added: ‘When I first moved in, I was single. I put music on and never got any complaints. If you don’t work, you get on fine. 

‘But as soon as you work, no-one likes you. As soon as I got my caravan it must have made them jealous.’

Stoke-on-Trent City Council has given Ben four weeks to shift his caravan which has been parked partly on the carriageway and partly on the pavement on East Crescent.

He said the council had told him to remove the vehicle because it was ‘an obstruction to the street’.

But he argued if he had to remove his caravan, then his neighbours should remove their cars as they are ‘wider’.

Ben said: ‘Everyone is parked on the street on both sides, all the way down the street. 

‘I would understand it if it was a proper main road and you couldn’t get past. But there’s enough room for everyone to get past. 

‘The bin men can pass it with no issues, whatsoever. On the footpath, my old man’s got a mobility scooter – and he can get past.’

The council has sent one of its rights of way officers to the scene.

A spokesman said: ‘The officer was able to establish the owner of the vehicle and explained that parking was not permitted as it constituted an unauthorised structure on the highway. 

‘We are currently in the process of ensuring that the structure is legally parked and the regulations are adhered to before we take any further action and will be in touch with the resident shortly.’

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