‘Cards will soon start falling!’ Brexiteers issue warning to EU for ‘damaging confidence’

UK's exports 'to grow by £37 billion' says Liz Truss

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A new report has revealed Brexit Britain’s exports to the EU have continued to surge, jumping by a fifth compared to five years ago when the UK voted to unshackle itself from Brussels’ control. Pro-Brexit think tank Facts4EU revealed the eye-catching findings after examining the latest trade figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS). The data covers the three-month period from April 1 until June 30 of this year and show exports to the European Union have rebounded by 31.5 percent compared with the previous quarter.

Facts4EU found that the total value of UK exports to the remaining 27 EU member states stood at £38.6billion – £8.4billion higher than in the same three month period of 2016, a matter of weeks before the historic Brexit referendum.

Brexiteers have now launched a furious attack against the EU, warning more of its nations are preparing to leave the bloc after realising the huge benefits of Brexit.

Reacting to our initial story, one reader wrote: “Whichever side of the argument you are on, ask yourselves this: which trading bloc would ever undermine, mock and abuse one of her largest customers?

“This has been done by the EU without any concern for jobs within the bloc.

“So many Brits are switch buying to none EU goods and services and this was completely unnecessary.

“Why didn’t we hear: ‘We are sorry, shocked and somewhat upset that one of our closest partners has chosen to leave the EU but we respect our British friends?

“‘We will do all we can to ensure a smooth transition and do all we can to retain and improve business ties’.

“The EU has damaged not only us but the confidence of other members. The cards will soon start falling.”

A second person wrote: “My family in Denmark all believe that their country will have left the EU within a very short time.”

Another reader warned: “The EU is in its last days, like a behemoth in quicksand, screaming into the empty night!”

A fourth added: “As a proud Brexiteer, one of 17.4 million, we want what is best for UK, and not what is best for the EU.

Commenting on the latest export figures, Facts4EU editor-in-chief Leigh Evans said: “For the benefit of our international readers, it is impossible to overstate the level of state-sponsored pro-EU propaganda to which the British public was subjected before the EU Referendum.

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“Facts4EU.Org’s report today puts yet another nail in the coffin of the doomsayers and pro-EU propagandists who perpetrated a malign, dispiriting, and apocalyptic campaign, portraying a defeated, insignificant country facing a bleak non-EU future.”

“Many challenges still lie ahead, principally because of the punishment beating which the EU seems determined to inflict on the United Kingdom for daring to leave.

“In the coming days we hope to publish an exclusive account of the experiences of one British businessman in Spain, attempting to import goods from the UK.

“None of the negativism of the EU and its propagandists can detract, however, from the latest trade figures.”

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