Carole Middleton’s impressive cookery skills she passed on to Kate

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Kate, the Princess of Wales, has become one of the Royal Family’s most treasured members. While she hasn’t had the same upbringing as her in-laws, she brought the Firm an impressive skillset when she officially joined in 2011. One of them came from her mother, Carole, and likely delights her and Prince William’s children.

Great British Bakeoff former judge Mary Berry revealed that the Princess is an accomplished baker.

Ms Berry appeared on a special Bake-off episode with the royal and her husband, Prince William, in 2019.

Speaking to the Daily Star, she said the royal learned her skills from her mother, Carole.

She also commented on her success in motherhood with her children Prince George, 9, Princess Charlotte, 7, and Prince Louis, 4.

Ms Berry said: “She was absolutely wonderful and lovely, she is a good baker.

“Her mother is a good baker and she wants to do things well – she does it with a smile and she’s a really good mum.”

The Princess also confirmed that her youngest son Prince Louis’s first words were Ms Berry’s name.

She said he had learned to speak using her cookbooks, with several volumes stored “right at his height” in the kitchen.

The young Prince also learned to identify the baker, she said, as children “are really fascinated by faces” and Ms Berry’s are “all over” her books.

The young royals also likely appreciate her cooking skills, as the Prince and Princess of Wales reportedly like home-cooked meals at Kensington Palace.

Princess Kate told Ms Berry that she enjoys baking cake for her children and has established a “tradition”.

She told the baker she sometimes stays up “’til midnight” and makes “far too much” cake mix and icing.

In 2018, the Princess said she enjoyed making pizza with Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

She told an attendee at the St Luke’s Community Centre Commonwealth Big Lunch that making the Italian dish is one of their favourite activities.

The Princess, who was pregnant with Prince Louis, said the children like to “get their hands messy”.

Prince William, on the other hand, has previously admitted he is not such an adept cook.

He said he likes cooking during an interview in 2017 but added that he was “not very good”.

While pizza and cake are his wife’s mainstay, the Prince prefers a nice steak.

But he agonises over the way he cooks the meat, as William likes his meat rare.

The Prince said he gets “really worried about cooking it” as he enjoys steak “quite alive”.

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