Charles and Camilla compared to ‘garden gnomes’ in savage royal take

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King Charles and Camilla, Queen Consort have been compared to garden gnomes in a savage attack on the possible future of the Royal Family. The new King and Queen are set to be crowned in May, however since the late Queen’s Coronation in 1953 public opinion of the monarchy has suffered, in part due to scandals surrounding Charles himself.

Writing in the Daily Mail Jan Moir said that the couple “seem like perfectly nice people” who have supported “myriad good causes”, but admitted that “Charles often puts Charles first”.

She questioned whether Charles could command the same loyalty from the people as the “lustre and unquestioning respect” of the monarchy has given way to “suspicion and hostility”.

She wrote: “Charles and Camilla are about as charismatic as a couple of garden gnomes.

“Can they really be trusted to carry the mantle of monarchy onwards and upwards, appealing to a new generation and deepening bonds of fealty with the public?”

She added that the combination of an “unfortunate lack of magnetism” and a “changing shift in attitudes” has brought the future of monarchy into question.

Queen Elizabeth was often celebrated as one of the most beloved royals of all time, with a popularity rating of 79 percent at the time of her death according to YouGov.

However polls carried out after the King’s first few months on the throne suggest he has been doing better with the public than previously expected.

YouGov have put King Charles as the fifth most popular royal, with Queen Camilla in tenth place at the end of last year.

The King had a popularity rating of 56 percent, with Camilla sitting at 39 percent, just below Prince Harry in ninth place on 40 percent.

By far the least popular royal was Prince Andrew, whose popularity rating was just 12 percent.

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In May 2022 nearly 2,000 poll respondents were asked what title Camilla should have upon Charles’s ascension to the throne.

The majority, 39 percent, said she should be given the title of Princess Consort, while only 20 percent said she should become Queen.

The most popular royal couple currently are the Prince and Princess of Wales, in third and second place in the popularity rankings after the Queen.

Kate has a popularity rating of 68 percent, with William just behind her on 67 percent.

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