Charles enjoys a pint in the Prince of Wales as he and Camilla visit reopened businesses

Prince Charles has tried his hand at bar work as he and the Duchess of Cornwall visited one of the many UK pubs sharing his title.

The couple stopped off at the Prince of Wales in south London during a tour of businesses recently reopened after the easing of COVID lockdown restrictions.

The heir to the throne poured himself a pint of Sambrook’s bitter in the Old Town area of Clapham and pulled up his face mask to enjoy a sip.

The prince said he has always thought it would be fun to visit every Prince of Wales pub in the country and joked about a “free drink”.

Once behind the bar, Charles pulled a pint, but pictures suggested he stopped before filling it. He asked his wife: “I think that’s probably enough. Would you say keep going?”

He joked that he would not drink it all, and then, pulling aside his face mask, went for a sip while Camilla watched.

As he looked at the variety of objects around the pub – including traffic lights, an inflatable palm tree and a didgeridoo – he spotted a pair of boots and asked: “What happened to the owner of the boots?”

Landlord Dermot Connell said it was exciting to have “the Prince of Wales coming to the Prince of Wales”, adding: “It’s good that he’s getting out and about and showing people it’s now safe again to be in the pubs.”

Charles “volunteered” to go behind the bar, he said, but did he enjoy his beer?

“He seemed to like it,” Mr Connell said.

It was a sunny day for the couple’s visit to the area, and the duchess was heard saying it was lovely to be outside.

Charles and Camilla also visited a Michelin-starred restaurant, a theatre, a florist and a pet shop.

Charles was pictured sticking his head into a barber’s, perhaps seeking a trim.

The couple’s first stop was at the acclaimed Trinity restaurant, where they met staff, as well as representatives from the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts, of which he is patron.

They finished at Clapham fire station, where they met firefighters and thanked them for their service, by which time a crowd of onlookers had gathered, hoping to get a glimpse of the royal visitors.

The couple’s visits appear to be steadily returning to normal and Thursday’s was almost reminiscent of pre-COVID engagements.

Charles and Camilla also mingled with the public in Northern Ireland last week.

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