Charles’ retaliation strategy ‘limited’ by Parliament over Harry book

Question Time audience member slams Prince Harry for ‘privilege’

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King Charles’ ability to strike back against his son Prince Harry’s claims and strip him of his titles is “limited” by Parliament, a royal expert has warned. The new monarch does not have the power to unilaterally remove the Sussexes’ royal titles, which royal commentators say has been used for prolific projects. Without Parliament’s support, the Royal Family may never be able to retaliate against the Sussexes, Richard Fitzwilliams has warned.

Looking at the retaliation options available to the Royal Family, Richard Fitzwilliams told “Firstly, they can’t take the titles away easily because that requires an act of Parliament. So, that is very unlikely.

“They could report the bullying allegations, which Meghan denies. That is also very unlikely.”

“It is all very unlikely because the best way the royals could respond is by doing nothing.”

Given the Royal Family’s “limited” scope of action, the only way royals could realistically retaliate is by stripping the Sussexes of their titles through Parliament.

That possibility is gaining momentum among members of Parliament, with a group of Tories MPs intent on bringing forward legislation in an attempt to strip Harry and Meghan of their titles.

Conservative MP Bob Seely, who is leading the charge, told the MailOnline he still plans to pursue efforts to pass legislation that will downgrade Harry and Meghan’s royal status.

He intends to introduce a Private Member’s Bill that would enable a vote on amending the 1917 Titles Deprivation Act, a piece of legislation used to deprive the German royal family of their UK titles during the First World War.

According to Mr Seely, this change would give the Privy Council, made up of 741 senior lawmakers, the authority to revoke the Sussexes’ titles.

Some royal sources claim King Charles is still pondering over that course of action to strike back against the American-based couple and restore trust in the throne.

A royal source told US Weekly: “There’s a very real decision to be made of course with respect to whether or not the Sussexes get to keep their titles.”

The source added: “The way to strike back would be to approve a measure whereby Harry and Meghan are stripped of their titles, and that’s a very real possibility – certainly if the toxicity doesn’t eventually subside.”

Justifying the need to pass such a bill, Mr Seely said: “As well as trashing his family and monetising his misery for public consumption, he is also attacking some important institutions in this country.”

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Some members of the Labour party appear to agree with the need to strip the Sussexes of their titles, as Labour MP Rachael Maskell – to her constituents’ request – already introduced a bill to give the monarch new powers to remove titles.

Meanwhile, the employment minister, Guy Opperman, used an appearance on the BBC’s Question Time to tell everyone to boycott Netflix.

He said: “I don’t think it has a fundamental impact on the royal family. I certainly won’t be watching it. I would urge everyone to boycott Netflix and make sure that we actually focus on the things that matter.”

According to a YouGov survey, Harry’s popularity has taken a hit, with his favourability rate plummeting to -44, the second lowest score ever recorded. Fears are now growing that the Sussexes’ attacks could have durably hurt the Royal Family’s standing. The same poll finds the proportion of Britons who are proud of the British monarch has fallen from 55 percent in September to 43 percent this week.

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