Charles set to ignore Harry and Meghan’s jibes in Netflix doc

Prince Harry: Expert details how King Charles can respond to Duke

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King Charles could ignore Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s jibes against the Royal Family, according to a royal commentator. Camilla Tominey told GB News that “the more reasonable the Royal Family behaves, the more unreasonable Harry and Meghan seem”. This comes amid speculation that Harry and Meghan’s hugely anticipated documentary series on Netflix could drop at any moment following a controversial trailer this week.

GB News host Andrew Pierce said: “The chances are is that this will lead to a big debate as to whether Meghan and Harry’s children become prince and princess, which they are entitled to under the rules because Harry is the son of the monarch.”

Ms Tominey: “They are but you have to consider that Harry and Meghan are not allowed to the use HRH-style under the Sandringham agreement.

“Also, why would they want their children to be a prince and princess if they so despise the institution of the monarchy, which they are constantly seeking to undermine with these interviews? It doesn’t make sense.”

Mr Pierce quizzed the royal commentator as to whether Charles could strip Harry and Meghan’s royal titles.

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Ms Tominey responded: “He could do it, but it would be a spectacular own goal.

“The Duke and Duchess of Sussex title was given to the couple on their wedding day by the late Queen.

“It might look like they are instigating war if they do that.

“I think the royal approach is the more reasonable it behaves, the more unreasonable Harry and Meghan seem.

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“That’s quite a strong PR tactic for the monarchy.

“They are not going to lower themselves because they are the real royals and not reality TV royals. That is how they handle it.”

There is concern that Harry and Meghan could critise members of the Royal Family in the forthcoming series.


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The Netflix trailer this week features Harry telling the camera: “No one sees what is happening behind closed doors.”

The trailer then cuts to a photograph of a stern-looking Kate, with William sitting beside her.

The timing of the release raised questions as it came in the middle of Kate and William’s three-day trip to Boston this week.

It is thought that the Prince and Princess of Wales had been completely blindsided by the trailer.

Royal insiders told The Times that Harry and Meghan were trying to sabotage the Prince and Princess of Wales’ US visit.

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