Charles urged to abdicate as William would ‘do better’ as King – poll

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Prince William is favoured to take over from King Charles III “sooner rather than later” as Commonwealth members expect the royal would make a better King than his dad. A recent poll has found that the King’s popularity is dropping below his eldest son’s, with people holding overwhelmingly positive views about the Wales family. The poll, set up by Lord Ashcroft, a pollster and former chairman of the Conservative Party, found that groups would prefer the current King to abdicate and leave the nation in William’s hands, with one respondent from New Zealand saying he has “done a lot wrong” and that William is “doing exceptionally well”, something people are “invested in”.


Lord Ashcroft’s poll looked for data from across the Commonwealth, with his team surveying 22,701 people in the 15 nations where the King serves as the head of state.

The poll also conducted focus groups in eight Commonwealth realms, including Australia, the Bahamas, Belize, Canada, Jamaica, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.

Another New Zealander was similarly scathing of the King, as they insisted crowds greeting the couple would be “twice or three times the size” of the current monarchs.

One respondent from Belize told a focus group that the Prince is “younger”, “vibrant” and “thinks differently” to his father.

They added that they thought he would “do a better job” as monarch.

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