Charlotte may be given beloved title when William becomes King

Princess Charlotte ‘is equal in succession’ says Koenig

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As the second child of the Prince and Princess of Wales, there isn’t a strict rule on which title, if any, Princess Charlotte could be given when Prince William becomes King. There are chances she could remain known simply with the title of Princess for her whole life.

However, it is also possible the now seven-year-old will be created Princess Royal, the title currently held by Princess Anne.

This move, however, would depend on a number of factors, as this title isn’t automatically passed down from one member of the Royal Family to another.

Prince William will be able to decide whether to create or not his daughter as Princess Royal when he accedes to the throne.

While many daughters of British sovereigns were given this honour over the centuries, not every monarch has abided by this tradition.

Most notably, King George VI didn’t bestow the title of Princess Royal onto either of his daughters – Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret.

The reason why he didn’t do so may have been because during his reign, Elizabeth and Margaret’s aunt Princess Mary was still holding the title.

This means that, even if William wanted to create Charlotte Princess Royal, he could only do so after Princess Anne stopped bearing it.

The hard-working royal was granted this honour by late Queen Elizabeth II more than two decades after it became vacant following the death of Princess Mary in 1965.

Anne is the seventh person to hold the Princess Royal title, first used in 1642 when King Charles I granted it to his daughter Mary.

The Princess Royal title isn’t the only one Charlotte may be given, according to a commentator.

Former ITV News royal editor Tim Ewart noted in late 2022 a “prestigious” title has been vacant for months now.

He told Sky News Australia: “Princess Charlotte may be given a new honour. “Charlotte, who is seven, may very well be given the title Duchess of Edinburgh now that [that] title is vacant.”

The last holder of this title was the late Queen, who died on September 8.

Prince Philip and the Queen, however, wanted the Dukedom of Edinburgh to be passed on by Prince Edward, as it was stated in 1999, at the time of his wedding with Sophie, Countess of Wessex.

The title has not yet passed on to King Charles’s youngest siblings, and reports over the past few months have suggested this move, despite being planned by the late monarch, would not be in line with the new sovereign’s vision of a streamlined and more cost-efficient monarchy.

Prince Edward is 14th-in-line to the throne and there are currently no indication his teenage children Lady Louise and James, Viscount Severn, intend to join the working Royal Family.

On the other hand, it is likely Charlotte will support his father William and, eventually, his elder brother Prince George when he accedes to the throne in carrying out royal duties and representing the Firm in the UK and abroad, much like Anne has been doing for decades.

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