Charlotte revealed as Firm’s ‘secret weapon’ after ‘five second’ act

Princess Charlotte has been described as the Royal Family’s “secret weapon” after William and Kate’s second child approached the Coronation with “maturity” while being “neither over-confident nor intimidated.” The eight-year-old princess was “overlooked” in the ceremony, wrote columnist Angela Mollard for 7news, but was “poised yet enthusiastic, watchful but involved” throughout.

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Ms Mollard said that Charlotte was likely to become “to her brother George what the Princess Royal is to King Charles III.”

She added: “She somehow embodies the composure of the Queen and the playfulness of Princess Diana, most notably in the casual manner she applied the five-second rule after dropping her marshmallow S’more on the ground.

“As Louis angled for more marshmallows, Charlotte simply picked up her dropped biscuit off the grass and popped it in her mouth.”

However, she highlighted that for now, Charlotte is enjoying as much of a “normal” childhood as the Prince and Princess of Wales can provide.


George, Charlotte and Louis face daunting task as ‘Firm’s future lies in their hands’

EXCLUSIVE: The “future” of the monarchy lies in the hands of the youngest royals Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, as the Firm faces future “challenges”, a commentator has said. The three Wales’ children are currently second, third and fourth in line to the throne behind their father Prince William who will accede King Charles. In recent years the young royals have played a key role in the Royal Family, regularly being seen with their parents on official engagements and social media as they show a more modern approach to the monarchy.

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