Chucky horror film killer that tortured teen could walk free

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A killer who tortured and murdered a teenage girl to music featuring samples from the horror film Chucky before setting her alight as a member of his sick gang sang “burn baby, burn” could walk free after a parole hearing.

Glyn Powell was 29 when he was one of four in a sick gang jailed for burning alive Suzanne Capper, 16, after kidnapping and torturing her in Greater Manchester in 1992. Powell, now 58, is expected to have a parole hearing in April.

At a 22-day trial in 1993 it was heard Suzanne was taken prisoner after being lured to the terraced house of Powell’s estranged wife Jean in the Moston area of the city on December 7, 1992, the Mail Online reports.

The teenager, who was a pupil at Moston Brook High School, had been a babysitter for Glyn Powell’s three children and he was inside the property waiting for her, along with Anthony Dudson.

Once inside the house Suzanne was grabbed and held down and had her hair and eyebrows shaved before a plastic bag was put over her head. Powell made the 16-year-old pick up her hair and hit her around the head.

Suzanne’s ordeal continued as she taken to the house of Bernadette McNeilly where she was tied to a bed and beaten and tortured during nearly a week of horror that included injecting her with amphetamines, burning her with cigarettes and playing loud rave music to cover her screams.

At court the prosecution said attackers would play “Hi, I’m Chucky (Wanna Play?)” by 150 volts, which contains samples from the movie Child’s Play. The movie centres on a serial killer who posses a child’s doll before carrying out sickening killings.

It was heard McNeilly would say the line “Chucky’s coming to play” before starting to torture Suzanne.

On December 14, 1992, the gang drove Suzanne to lane outside Stockport and poured petrol on her before setting her alight. McNeilly sang “burn baby burn! Burn baby burn!” from the Trammps track Disco Inferno.

Suzanne suffered 80 per cent burns when she was found by a passing motorist after the gang left, died in hospital on December 18, 1992, but was able to give the names of six people involved in her killing.

A year later on December 16, 1993, when the verdicts were delivered on the cruel gang Mr Justice Potts said: “Each of you has been convicted on clear evidence of murder which was as appalling a murder as it is possible to imagine.”

Glyn Powell, 29, Jean Powell (now Gillespie), then 26, Bernadette McNeilly, 24, and Anthony Dudson, 17, were each found guilty of murder.

Gillespie, McNeilly, and Powell were sentenced to life with a minimum of 25 years. Dudson was given a minimum term of 18 years – later reduced to 16.

Clifford Pook, Jean’s brother, and Jeffrey Leigh pleaded guilty to false imprisonment and were given 15 and 12-year sentences respectively. McNeilly’s sentence was reduced by one year in 2013. Leigh’s sentence was reduced from 12 to nine years in November 1994. Dudson’s minimum tariff was cut to 16 from 18 years in 2002. Leigh was freed in 1998 and Pook in May 2001. McNeilly was paroled in 2015 after having her 25-year sentence cut by one year. Dudson was released in 2013. In 2017 Jean Gillespie, formerly Powell, was released.

A spokesman for the Parole Board told the Mail Online: “We can confirm the parole review of Glyn Powell has been referred to the Parole Board by the Secretary of State for Justice and is following standard processes. A hearing is expected to take place in April 2023.

“Parole Board decisions are solely focused on what risk a prisoner could represent to the public if released and whether that risk is manageable in the community.”

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