‘Close bond’ Meghan Markle’s royal feud could heal when Prince Charles becomes King

Meghan Markle 'could join' Harry on UK return says expert

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Speaking on Channel 5’s latest royal documentary, Meghan at 40: The Climb To Power, which airs Saturday July 24 on Channel 5, royal expert Emily Andrews explained there is still space for Meghan and Prince Charles to rekindle a special bond the pair shared over their love of art and music. But Ms Andrews stressed how their current relationship is still “in tatters” due to comments made by Harry and Meghan during the bombshell Oprah Winfrey interview as well as various appearances since where the pair have slammed the royals relentlessly.

The royal expert explains how Charles enjoyed Meghan’s company while the Duchess loved learning from the future King about the history of the Royal Family.

Charles is said to have also enjoyed listening to music and discussing art with Meghan, but this ended catastrophically after interviews by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

But royal commentator Emily Andrews stressed how not all is lost and there is a chance that this bond could be repaired.

Ms Andrews told the documentary: “If in 10 years time, if we have a change of regime, we’ve got King Charles [there could be a reconciliation]. The relationship between Meghan and Charles was once so good.

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“I mean Charles adored her, they had a lot in common, art, music. 

“She used to go round to Clarence House to have, effectively, history lessons with Charles on the history of the Royal Family.

“Both Meghan and Charles really enjoyed that.

“Charles was a real passionate historian, Meghan had a thirst for knowledge.”

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Ms Andrews added how “they had a really good relationship”.

But the relationship is “currently pretty much in tatters” as a result of the attacks made by Harry and Meghan in interviews since their departure from the Royal Family to start a new life in California.

The comments come following reports by the Daily Mail newspaper on Saturday that Prince Harry has signed a contract with publishers to publish four new books in a deal thought to be worth $40million.

A source told the newspaper: “His starting price was $25million (£18million) and the final figure was way north of that, possibly as much as $35-40million (£25-29million).”



Prince Harry will publish a memoir next year, during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, but it has been revealed Harry will write two books while his wife Meghan Markle will pen ‘wellness book’, it is unclear what the fourth book will be about.

On June 9, the book reached number 3 on Amazon’s’ USA bestsellers list and was number 1 in the Children’s Emotions books category.

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