Convicted killer who decapitated friend dubbed ‘snake’

Jemma Mitchell jailed for life in live TV sentencing

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Convicted killer Jemma Mitchell, who decapitated her friend Mee Kuen Chong at her London home in 2021, has been branded a “snake”. A former friend of Mitchell, who is serving 34 years in jail for Ms Chong’s murder, has recounted how the two once lived together. Keren Gjuretek accused her former “best friend” of having tried to steal her then-boyfriend.

Ms Gjuretek, 20, met her former friend at a Christian conference in the capital in 2018.

They talked “almost every day” for over two years, but the relationship eventually turned sour.

She cut ties with 38-year-old Mitchell when she discovered she had tried to “steal” her boyfriend.

Speaking with the Daily Mirror, Ms Gjuretek said there was “something extremely weird” about her ex-friend.

She said: “We were quite close friends, I would say best friends. We would call and talk every day. We ended our friendship because she tried to steal my boyfriend. She’s a nice person but there was something extremely weird about her.”

She added: “She was constantly going behind my back but extremely sweet to my face – she was like a snake. It just shows you never know your friends.”

Sentencing Mitchell, Judge Richard Marks KC, touching on the “chilling aspect” of her crime, ruled that she spend at least 34 years in prison.

The court heard that the “healer” killed and decapitated 67-year-old Ms Chong in June 2021 before stuffing her body into a suitcase and dumping it in Salcombe.

A holidaymaker found her body in local woodland, with her head discovered nearby some days later.

Prosecutors told the court that Mitchell befriended the widow via a local church group for financial gain.

But after Ms Chong declined to pay £200,000 for repairs to her £4 million home, they said Mitchell killed her and forged a will that would have handed her the bulk of her £700,000 estate.

Judge Marks added that she had also forged the signature of an “erstwhile neighbour” named Virgil, who had died some months prior.

Ms Gjuretek said she has since considered that Mitchell could have targeted her as well.

She said: “I’m just thinking about the times I was alone with her. I slept at her apartment.

“It’s absolutely awful to think that could have been me.”

Jim Eastwood, Met Police Detective Chief Inspector, claimed several questions about Mitchell’s actions remain unanswered.

Ge claimed she “never accepted responsibility” for the murder and questioned why she kept Ms Chong’s body “for a fortnight”, and why she decapitated her and deposited her remains in Salcombe.

He branded Mitchell’s actions “evil”, adding they were “carried out by an evil woman” for “financial gain”.

Mitchell’s mother maintains her daughter’s innocence and has vowed to appeal the nearly 40-year sentence.

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