COP26 slammed as ‘epicentre of global hypocrisy’ as climate activist ridicules summit

COP26 is the ‘epicentre of global hypocrisy’ says scientist

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Speaking to Sky News on Saturday Pat Brown, founder of plant-based Impossible Foods, issued a warning to the public that the Glasgow climate change summit is not delivering on the promises or being honest about the challenges posed by global warming as he accused COP26 leaders of paying lip service to the crisis.

Mr Brown said: “I wander around COP and it is such a joke! Every country is basically saying ‘we are already perfect’.

“Every exhibit is like ‘look at all the things we are already doing that is addressing the problem’.

“If any of that were true we would not be here.”

Mr Brown slammed the conference as being ”the epicentre of global hypocrisy right now” as he tore into what he claimed was the reality of the climate change summit. 

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The climate expert went on to stress that the “change that matters” to combat climate change will come from individual initiatives as he shared his doubts over the promises being made by COP26 leaders.

The comments follow a wave of criticism for the summit by critics who say world leaders are not leading by example or acting fast enough to combat global warming and avert climate catastrophe.

Criticism has focused around the non-binding promises leaders have committed to which campaigners say need to be drastically and more rapidly addressed.

While the over 400 private jets used to fly in and out of Glasgow over the opening days has been branded as hypocritical.

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The COP26 summit is seen as crucial to bringing the climate crisis under control. The goal is to keep warming limited to 1.5C by 2100 despite the world being currently on track for 2.7C.

But the UN have warned if temperatures are allowed to rise this high, there will be a “climate catastrophe”.

COP26 president and Conservative Minister of State at the Cabinet Office, Alok Sharma, says the summit is the world’s “last, best hope” to achieve the target.

Nearly 200 countries are being called on to take urgent action to battle the threat of rising seas, more frequent extreme weather as well as agricultural disasters.

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But notable absences of China, the world’s top contributor of CO2 emissions, and Russia, are being branded as setbacks in achieving the aims of the summit.

China ranks 1st in the world for Coal consumption, accounting for about 379.1 percent of the world’s total consumption of 1,139,471,430 tons.

While research by Rhodium Group found China emitted a whopping 27 percent of the world’s greenhouse gases in 2019.

The summit will run from Sunday October 31 to Friday November 12.

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