Corbett family outraged at killers' claims over Martens settlement

The family of murdered Jason Corbett expressed outrage at claims levelled on behalf of his killers, Tom and Molly Martens, over why they settled a wrongful death lawsuit.

Mr Corbett’s sister, Tracey Corbett-Lynch, said it was “absolutely laughable” to suggest Molly (35) did not know about a €500,000 US life insurance policy on her husband, or that the €160,000 wrongful death lawsuit settlement was to provide funds for his two orphaned children.

The Limerick woman, who waged a brave campaign to bring her brother’s killers to justice, said the claims were “monstrous”.

Tom Martens (68), a former FBI agent, and his daughter, Molly, are now serving 25 years in North Carolina prisons for Mr Corbett’s second-degree murder.

The Corbett family believe the murder was triggered by the businessman’s refusal to allow Molly to adopt his children by his late first wife amid concerns over her mental health.

Molly was dismissed as a lawsuit party – but agreed to void her right to the insurance policy.

The €160,000 settlement by Tom Martens and his wife Sharon was without liability.

“If Molly is so concerned about Jason’s children I would publicly ask whether she is now willing to hand over her €150,000 proceeds from the sale of Jason’s North Carolina home to their trust fund,” Ms Corbett-Lynch said.

Mr Corbett’s lifelong friend, Lynn Shanahan, described as “totally untrue” suggestions Molly did not know about her husband’s US life insurance policy.

“In Jason’s files there were life insurance reports. The first year, the policy was 100pc for the children.

“The following year, it was 50pc to Molly and 25pc to each child – I have seen the forms signed by Molly.

“The fourth-year changes were made online with a password giving Molly 100pc.”

A Martens family spokesperson insisted Tom, Sharon and Molly did not know about the €500,000 policy before Mr Corbett’s death.

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