Cornwall tourism hotspot could stop people parking overnight in controversial plan

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Authorities claim campervans and larger vehicles parked on streets are blighting parts of Newquay, Cornwall, and causing noise and litter pollution. Cornwall Council has launched a consultation to ban such overnight parking in the tourist town, but this move has been blasted by locals.

A letter sent to Cornwall Live says: “Residents are regularly abused by visitors, often end up working in their cars. Reduced spaces will increase these problems.

“There has always been a lack of places for residents to park. The council has come up with a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist, a solution that will cause more problems that it will solve.

“Why do both the town and the county council continue to ignore residents’ pleas to solve this problem in residential areas? Everyone benefits from residents’ parking.”

The Crescent Residents Group have asked the council, controlled by the Conservative Party, to withdraw the consultation and instead offer an alternative residents’ parking scheme in Newquay.

However, the residents admitted that they are often forced to park “at the other end of Newquay” as visitors, workers and shoppers are allowed to park in their streets.

The town, on the county’s north coast, has been a major tourist destination for more than a century.

The town’s approximate population of 22,000 can increase five-fold in the summer months because Newquay has a large stock of holiday accommodation.

But this year, when domestic tourism was boosted significantly due to travel restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, Cornwall residents hit out at how stretched resources had become.

The consultation can be found here. The deadline for responses is Wednesday, January 12, 2022.

Cornwall Council is also consulting on a number of proposals for highway restrictions in Newquay.

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