Coronavirus crisis: Boris Johnson has ‘lost his edge’ says senior Tory MP

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The source told the MailOnline that Mr Johnson faced a lot of pressure to make a swift return. Speaking to the MailOnline, the Tory MP said: “Under normal circumstances he would probably have been taking it easier.


“The guy was close to death … there was pressure on him to come back. People don’t usually come back to the pressure that he has been under.”

The source added: “He is back in the firing line, running UK plc with 67 million and all the problems that is has got.”

This comes as the Nobel prize-winning scientist heavily criticised the Prime Minister’s handling of coronavirus.

Speaking to the BBC Radio 4 Today programme, Sir Paul Nurse, said he believed the UK has been “on the back foot” in tackling the pandemic and there need to be a clearer “publicly presented strategy”.

He added that the UK had been left “firefighting through successive crisis”.

Mr Johnson has also reportedly been chastised for his lack of public appearances, interviews and press conferences since his return from work following his coronavirus treatment.

The Tory MP told the MailOnline: “Boris has lost his edge.

“You could say Boris, we need you to take a really difficult turn, and he would use his common sense and get out of it.

“The illness may have had an impact. The spontaneity… I wonder whether mentally he’s not as sharp because he’s been seriously ill.”

The Prime Minister has taken only one of the daily Downing Street conferences, on May 11, allowing other ministers to speak on his behalf.

Besides Mr Johnson’s address to the nation on May 10, the only other visible public displays have been two appearances at Prime Minister’s Questions.

However, on Friday afternoon, Mr Johnson agreed to face the MP’s questions next week at the Commons’ Liaison Committee.

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The Tory MP told the MailOnline that they thought Mr Johnson would emerge from the situation and suggested that any government would be under pressure at this point.

They added: “We are on a sticky wicket. You don’t have to look too much under the surface to find things to be critical about.”

The source also told the MailOnline that Sir Keir Starmer had been making advancement in the Commons.

They said: “It is going down well. We need to be careful.

“Kerr is a savvy guy. He can think on his feet.”

When speaking to BBC’s Today Programme, Sir Paul said that the country had been “increasingly playing catch-up” and that scientists and politicians should lay out “a much clearer publicly-presented strategy” to tackle the coronavirus crisis.

The geneticist continued: “I’m not completely convinced that we are actually being quite clear in having good leadership.

“The question I keep asking myself is: Do we have a proper Government system in here that can combine tentative knowledge, scientific knowledge, with political action?”

He added: “And the question I’m constantly asking myself is: Who is actually in charge of the decisions? Who is developing the strategy and the operation and implementation of that strategy?

“Is it ministers? Is it Public Health England? The National Health Service? The Office for Life Sciences, Sage (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies)? I don’t know, but more importantly, do they know?”

In the UK there have been 36,393 confirmed deaths with coronavirus.

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