Coronavirus returning to communities may see London completely lockdown AGAIN

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Mathematics and Statistics professor at the Strathclyde University Adam Kleczkowski warned major cities in the UK could see coronavirus localised lockdown. Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live, Prof Kleczkowski insisted the Leicester lockdown was the correct action for the Government to take. He added that the Government may implement large city lockdowns if there are too many outbreaks of coronavirus.

He also noted that countries that have dealt with the virus well have seen it remerge, making the chances of further outbreaks and more localised lockdowns more likely.

BBC Radio 5 Live host Nicky Campbell questioned whether new outbreaks could result in lockdowns in larger areas.

He also questioned how the Government would practically be able to lockdown cities like London or Manchester.

Mr Campbell said: “What would be the case and how would it work if outbreaks happened in London?

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“Practically speaking can you have lockdown London or lockdown Manchester, these big sprawling urban conurbations?”

Prof Kleczkowski argued the UK has just emerged from a nation-wide lockdown so a city-based lockdown would be possible.

He explained: “We have just emerged from a big lockdown of the whole country.

“So lockdown of cities is something that can be done.

“There is always a need of trying to balance the return to normal life and the economics versus public health.

“There are hard decision to be made to balance these two elements.”

Prof Kleczkowski warned that in countries that have dealt with coronavirus well, they have still had second waves and seen the virus resurging.

He said: “In Germany, South Korea and New Zealand we have seen the virus returning and then more and more local lockdown measures applied.

“I think it might happen in big cities as well.”

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Prof Kleczkwoski also defended the Government’s decision to enforce a localised lockdown in Leicester due to the surge in coronavirus.

Prof Kleczkwoski said: “Epidemiologically speaking the lockdown in Leicester is the right thing to do.

“We know that lockdowns do work and we know there is a continuing outbreak in Leicester and the area.

“We will hear more stories like this in the days and weeks to come.

“In Leicester, we do have people interacting and spreading the virus and we will see this continuing.”

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