Coronavirus UK: Fox savages selfish youths who ‘think they’re immortal’ in furious warning

Coronavirus warnings to avoid big gatherings were ignored at the weekend as thousands across the country rushed to pubs and parks to enjoy the first rays of spring sunshine. Boris Johnson repeatedly warned against meeting among large groups of people in a bid to slow down the spread of the deadly coronavirus but pictures shared on social media at the weekend showed many young Britons failed to heed the advice. Dr Liam Fox launched a scathing attack on younger generations who still fail to adopt social distancing measures, warning they also are at risk of contagion.

Speaking to Sky News, Dr Fox said: “We know from data in Italy the type of patients who are particularly vulnerable, those with an underlying condition – cardiac or respiratory conditions, for example.

“And we know, especially if they are older, they are those most likely to die of the disease. But that doesn’t mean that young people are invincible.

“I think some of the behaviour we’ve seen recently seems to come from people who think they are immortal.”

The former Tory frontbencher continued: “The problem here is that young people may not die in the same numbers from this virus but they may well be hospitalised.

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“They may take up capacity in the health system, particularly in intensive care beds from those who may be more vulnerable and need them.

“It’s about, in a society where we have free healthcare as a right, recognising our responsibility.

“It’s not just about us but about our society.”

While earlier cases of coronavirus were mostly found in elderly patients, the majority of which suffering from pre-existing conditions, the spread has now expanded to younger patients both in the UK and other infected countries.

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