Cost of living: Food prices to increase dramatically ‘by autumn’ expert warns

Farming: Chairman warns of increased costs of grain in Autumn

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Jonathan Arnold Chairman of Robin Appel LTD discussed the expected increase in food prices in the UK, exclusively with the Express. Mr Arnold explained how energy-intensive food production is, and how the cost of energy prices in the UK is causing a knock-on effect on the industry. Experts have been warning that the impact of the ongoing war in Ukraine, will affect global food production lines, as Ukraine is known as the bread basket of Europe due to being a main global provider. Mr Arnold discussed the intensive task of grain production in the UK

Mr Arnold told the Express: “I honestly… Once we hit the Autumn, you know you’re not going to see this come through.

“And a lot of grain processing is very energy-intensive.

“You know from malting to milling, to making feed to pelletising bi-products, is all energy-intensive.

“And as these companies come off tariffs and things, you know they come off tariffs and go onto new ones, that is going to increase costs quite dramatically”

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Some experts have been warning that this is a knock-on effect of the current war in Ukraine, as Ukraine is one of the largest grain suppliers and producers in the world.

The head of the Bank of England Andrew Bailey warned MPs about the incoming rise in food pricing in the UK.

Mr Bailey warned MPs: “Ukraine and Russia is the big risk in a way. One is the risk of a further energy price shock, which would come from the cutting-off of gas and distillates, such as products like diesel.

“And then, the one which I might sound rather apocalyptic about is food.”

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Many of the most vulnerable people in the UK could be hit by increased costs of food.

British mixed family farmer, David Butler told the Express: “We’re in unknown territory, I think there’s no doubt there’s inflation across everything people are buying.

“And we’re well aware there’s a cost of living crisis.

“So there’s no denying that, whether we like it or not there’s upward pressure on food prices.

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The coordinator of IFAN, Sabine Goodwin told the Express: “Food banks in our network are facing an impossible situation.

“They are struggling to support more and more people unable to afford food while their capacity is reduced due to lack of donations and volunteers.

“The answer is clearly not unsustainable charitable food aid provision but to ensure people have enough income to survive through adequate social security payments, wages and job security.

“We’re urging the Government to address the UK’s deepening poverty crisis and to stop hunger from happening in the first place.”

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