Could Christmas be ruined for a second year running? PM’s latest warning

CO2 shortage: Meat industry boss warns of Christmas food supplies

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson previously said the fuel crisis was a short-term problem. But in an interview today (September 28), the PM suggested fuel problems and supply chain issues could continue in the future. So does this mean Christmas be ruined for the second year in a row?

Last year Christmas was cancelled for many Brits, as Covid restrictions prevented large family groups from gathering.

Now Christmas could be ruined for the second year in a row due to national shortages of fuel and festive favourites.

Mr Johnson told the BBC in the short term the fuel crisis should “stabilise.”

But he cast doubt over long-term supply issues into the Christmas period and beyond.

He told the BBC: “What we want to do is make sure that we have all the preparations necessary to get through till Christmas and beyond.

“Not just in the supplying the petrol stations but all parts of our supply chain.”

But the PM warned global demand is putting a strain across the supply chain not just for the UK, but across the world.

He said: “You are seeing the global economy really sucking in a huge amount of demand at the moment, for gas for lorry drivers, there are shortages around the world affecting countries across the world.

“We now are starting to see the situation improve, we are hearing from the industry that supplies are coming back onto the forecourts in the normal way.

“But we’ve got to make sure we have everything in place as the recovery continues and that’s what we are doing.”

Despite his assurances that the Government is doing all it can to ensure supply chains are secured, retailers are warning many festive favourites could be off the table this year.

For many Brits, Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a turkey on the table.

But the Traditional Farm Fresh Turkey Association (TFTA) has warned the UK could face a “national shortage” of Turkeys this year.

Kate Martin, Chairwoman TFTA told PA: “This year it’s looking like there is a national shortage of turkeys when we’re talking about supermarket shelves, rather than buying directly from your farm.

“It is the supermarket shelves that will be emptier on turkeys this year than they have been before because there have been fewer turkeys placed on the ground because the big processors know that they will not get them processed.”

National shortages may not be limited to fuel and turkeys, Christmas trees and toys could also be absent due to labour shortages and ongoing supply chain problems.

Mark Rofe, owner of told the Eventing Standard, consumers could face higher tree prices and shortages.

He blamed post-Brexit regulations and a stretched labour market for the shortage.

While Gary Grant, founder of The Entertainer chain of toy shops has warned supply chain issues could hit the toy industry this Christmas.

He said: “I don’t want to be alarmist, but I can say that there’ll be more hunting around for things at Christmas than there has been for a good number of years.”

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