Couple find 10 yolks from four Aldi box eggs at odds of one in 11,000,000,000

How do you like your eggs – fried, scrambled, or poached? Whatever your preference, they are the absolute bosses of brunch.

This is why Chris Tulley and partner Ciaran Duffy, from Sheffield, were so excited when they cracked three double-yolk eggs in a row.

Already baffled by the discovery, the pair almost could not believe their eyes as they opened a fourth egg, which had four yolks inside.

‘We were making breakfast, I cracked three eggs and they were both doubles and the last one was a quadruple,’ Chris said.

‘We said “oh that’s a surprise, how random”. We then kept cracking them and they were all the same.

‘It was weird because we had never seen it before. How do you get all the yolks like that in one box? It’s just random and odd.

‘At the time we did not realise how unusual it was, it was only after when we googled it, we realised how different it was.’

According to the British Egg Information Service, one in every thousand eggs on average is a double-yolker.

Meanwhile, the odds of discovering a quadruple-yolker in an egg are one in 11 billion.

Chris and Ciaran rushed to grab a lottery ticket hoping it was their lucky day after the find last month.

The nurse added: ‘I wish we could get lucky with something else .I decided to put the lottery on that weekend and I have been doing it more often, but no luck.’

The couple were preparing a fry up for their family with the Aldi free-range box of six while on holiday at Center Parcs when they made the discovery.

Chris said: ‘The other two in the pack were singles. They looked normal, they were not big but the yolks were smaller.

‘They were not the size of an average yolk. We asked all the family to come and have a look.

‘My brother cracked a double yolk once and found out he was pregnant with me niece. I wonder after the quadruple if that’ll happen again with twins.’

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