COVID-19: UK reports another 32,322 COVID cases and 57 deaths

The UK has recorded another 32,322 coronavirus cases and 57 deaths, according to government figures.

It compares with 30,305 cases and 62 deaths within 28 days of a positive COVID test recorded yesterday, and 40,077 cases and 40 deaths this time last week.

Another 25,840 first vaccine doses have been administered, along with 14,610 second jabs.

It brings the total number of first jabs to 50,262,735 and the total number of people who have had both doses to 45,852,677.

A further 209,885 booster jabs have been administered, bringing the total number of people who have had three doses to 10,302,544.

It comes as the NHS renewed its push to encourage people to take the COVID-19 booster.

People are now able to book their appointments a month before they are eligible.

The government wants to vaccinate as many people ahead of the Christmas period, when many will head indoors to socialise – where the virus easily spreads.

Those aged 50 and those considered most at risk from the virus are currently eligible for booster shots.

The number of booster jabs administered reached 10 million on Sunday.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson tweeted after the milestone was confirmed, saying: “An amazing 10 million people across the UK have already come forward for their booster.

“We know vaccine immunity wanes over time, so boosters are vital in keeping you and your loved ones protected through the winter.

“Please get this lifesaving jab as soon as you are called.”

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