Cressida Dick resigns: The 7 most likely people to replace Met Police chief

Cressida Dick: Sadiq Khan 'must take responsibility' says Bailey

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Cressida Dick, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner has resigned with “sadness and regret” after the Mayor of London said he had lost confidence in her leadership. Sadiq Khan’s comments come after the police have been plagued with a series of damaging scandals. But who will replace her? Here is a list of likely candidates.

Dame Cressida said she had been left with “no choice” but to resign after Mr Khan said he had lost confidence in her leadership.

Mr Khan said he was “not satisfied” with the Met chief’s response to the scale of change needed to tackle racism, sexism, homophobia, bullying and misogyny in the Met.

In her resignation statement Dame Cressida she has “agreed to stay on for a short period to ensure the stability of the Met and its leadership while arrangements are made for a transition to a new commissioner.” But who will this new commissioner be?

Neil Basu

Neil Basu is a strong candidate to take over as commissioner. He is currently an assistant commissioner who previously worked as head of counter-terrorism.

Dame Cressida’s tenure was supposed to end this April but it had been extended for another two years.

The Government reportedly vetoed Neil Basu as her proposed replacement. Despite this, he is still firmly in contention.

If selected, Mr Basu would be the first ethnic-minority police commissioner.

However, he is also a strong choice to be the next head of the National Crime Agency.

Lucy D’Orsi

Lucy D’Orsi is the chief constable of the British Transport Police and before this, she used to be a senior officer at the Met Police.

She has overseen come high profile incidents such as the security during Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s visit to the UK in 2015 as well as the police’s response to the Beaufort Park fire in 2006.

She was deputy assistant commissioner in the Metropolitan Police Service, with responsibility for the Protection Command from December 2016 to February 2021.

Matt Jukes

Matt Jukes is an assistant Met Police commissioner and is currently acting head of counter-terrorism.

His appointment wouldn’t be surprising as he has run his own force before.

He used to be the chief of South Wales police which was a busy and demanding patch.

Martin Hewitt

Martin Hewitt is the chair of the National Police Chief’s Council and before this, he was a senior Met officer who joined policing from the armed forces.

Nick Ephgrave

Nick Ephgrave is an assistant commissioner for frontline policing at the Met Police and he has previously been chief constable of Surrey Police.

Mark Rowley

Mark Rowley is another strong candidate to fill Dame Cressida’s shoes as he missed out on the role last time.

He used to be the head of counterterrorism but he left the Met in 2018 after he dealt with the wave of terror attacks in 2017.

Sir Stephen House

Sir Stephen House was deputy commissioner of the Met Police he was chief constable of Police Scotland in 2012, however, critics said his use of armed patrols and use of stop and search powers were too severe.

He resigned from this position in 2015 but was later re-hired after a stint in the private sector.

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