Criminal (41) shot dead outside home of young murder victim

A 41-year-old criminal became the third man to be shot dead in Dublin in less than one week after he was blasted five times in the head outside the home of a 22-year-old drug dealer who was murdered last week.

The victim of the capital’s latest gun murder is Hamid Sanambar – an Iranian asylum seeker who was closely connected to Sean Little who was shot dead in Balbriggan on Tuesday night of last week.

Sanambar, who was shot dead in the front garden of a house on the Kilmore area of Coolock, had emerged as a suspect in Little’s gangland double-cross murder in recent days.

Detectives were last night probing if he was killed in a revenge attack for last week’s murder of Little.

The Irish Independent understands he was considered a ‘Judas’ for setting up his pal and gardaí believe a “very close associate” of Little organised the murder.

“Gardaí are confident that Sanambar was the last person to see Little alive last Tuesday,” a senior source said last night.

“He had been spending days mourning with Little’s family at their home in Kilmore but as the days went on, Little’s associates began to suspect him for actually setting him up and killing him so obviously someone decided to take him out in a revenge attack,” the source added.

Gardaí said three men wearing balaclavas carried out the murder.

“They left the scene in a silver Toyota Avensis (04-D-71806). This vehicle was found abandoned and on fire in the Castletymon Gardens area of Coolock at approximately 3.45pm,” a Garda spokesman said.

Gardaí are considering the latest murder a “gangland crisis” and believe there will be more.

Sanambar, who had joined the inner circle of the ‘Gucci Gang’ last year, had been living in Longford for a number of months where he was connected to a notorious criminal Traveller family who are involved in drug dealing and extortion.

The victim’s last known address was in Clonshaugh, north Dublin, where he was staying with a female companion.

He was officially warned by gardaí of an active threat against his life last year and was served with a Garda Information Message – also known as a GIM form.

He was shot dead by at least one gunman as he stood in the driveway of slain Sean Little’s house yesterday at Kilbarron Avenue in Kilmore.

A senior source said last night that gardaí had been attempting to serve a fresh GIM form on the Iranian national this week but were unable to find him.

It is understood he had been staying with criminal associates in the Priorswood area of north Dublin in recent weeks.

A woman living on Kilbarron Avenue told the Irish Independent she saw three men wearing balaclavas pull up outside the house.

Another woman, a 42-year-old mother-of-three was has lived in the area her entire life, said she had never seen anything like it before.

“It’s absolutely horrific,” she said. “It’s like Beirut.”

She said two of her neighbours were almost run down as a car – believed to be the getaway car – sped past them.

The driver and passengers were wearing balaclavas, she said. “The car flew by and just missed them,” she said.

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