Cyclist 'bawled her eyes out' after being cut up by bus in 'horrendous commute'

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A cyclist has shared a video of her ‘horrendous commute’ home after being cut up by a TfL bus – leaving her in tears. 

Lauren O’Brien, 26, is one of millions choosing to commute via London’s increasingly slick cycling infrastructure but suffered a horror journey earlier this month. 

The cyclist was on her way home from work but one particularly bad experience saw her forced to stop as a bus came in around her. 

Lauren posted an 18-second-long video of the incident, where she can be heard shouting, ‘No, no, no, f**k sake,’ in frustration as the bus looks to pull in across the cycle lane. 

She shared her frustration after her journey in the tweet: ‘Tonight I got home & bawled my eyes out. It was a horrendous commute home, with this being the icing on the cake in @RBKC. 

‘But you know something? No matter how many times I get bullied off the road, be it bus, car, whoever, it won’t stop me cycling. 

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‘The moment I let these horrible experiences affect my decision to choose to cycle, the vehicles have won – I can’t let that happen. Cycling is a brilliant, eco way to get around the city and no matter how many bad experiences I have it isn’t going to stop me riding my bike,’ she added. 

Speaking to, Lauren explained that this kind of behaviour from vehicles is ‘more common than people think’ but she won’t let it push her off the road. 

Referring to the incident, she said: ‘That kind of thing does happen quite often, where a bus is coming around a cyclist [who] knows they’ve got to stop. It was probably about half five, so the bus was definitely going to have to stop there and drop people off. 

‘What [bus drivers] do is get to a certain point where they’re sort of halfway past you, then they start indicating, and at that point, you have to make the decision. I don’t want to get squished by a bus, so I’m gonna have to make a quick decision to break, get out the way of the bus before I have a collision.’

While she knows it is easy to ‘break and stop’, she described the behaviour as ‘bullyish’.

She continued: ’It just winds you up so much because it’s bullyish behaviour, you have no option but to break or you’re gonna get hit by a bus, so they’re putting you in this horrible, impossible situation where you’ve got to just get out their way – which shouldn’t be the case at all.’

Lauren, from Yorkshire, says she’s normally ‘quite tough’ as she’s an experience cyclist but felt it get ‘a bit much’ during that particular journey, making her emotional. 

‘I’m quite tough on the road and I’m quite tough to driving behaviour but sometimes it just gets a bit too much. When you have one thing, it’s like, ‘Okay, brush that off, that’s annoying. 

‘But then if it’s two, three, or four, things, it doesn’t happen very often where I get emotional but [in that instance] it just all added up, and I was thinking, why am I getting treated like this for just choosing a brilliant, eco friendly way around this beautiful city? Why is this happening to me? 

‘I got all emotional, which does not happen very often. Sometimes you just want to, you know, go up to and be like, Why are you doing this? Like, do you know how scary this is? When you drive like that? You clearly don’t if you’re doing that, you clearly don’t understand why or you wouldn’t do it.

The course is designed improve safety culture and attitudes across the city. 

Lauren does try to offer balance in sharing her experiences as a frequent cyclist across London, and is part of a huge community doing the same online. 

She concluded: ‘I quite enjoy sharing different kinds of content, whether it’s positive or negative.

‘It’s really important to share the positive stuff because not all drivers are bad, not all cyclists are bad, and you’ve got to mix it with the positives and the negatives like the great driving or the amazing cycling infrastructure and make sure it’s balanced.’

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