Cyclist filming 'dangerous' drivers told he'd be prosecuted for swearing at them

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An angry cyclist who took footage of drivers overtaking him to the police claims he was told he could be prosecuted for swearing at the motorists.

Nick Thompson, 36, shared the videos with Gwent Police as he thought the motorists were driving ‘without due care or attention’ around his bike. But he was told by an officer his swearing in the footage would undermine any prosecution as it breaches public order laws.

In the clips, Nick, of Newport, Wales, can be heard shouting ‘f**king hell’ and ‘d**khead’ as cars speed past him on the road.

He said: ‘Apparently the CPS would be unwilling to prosecute drivers who drive without due care and attention around cyclists if said cyclist uses naughty words in response to being inches away from being hit by a big metal box on wheels being driven by an a*****e.

‘What a great example of victim blaming. I wouldn’t swear at the drivers if they didn’t drive like an entitled f**kwit!

‘I would have absolutely no issue standing before a magistrate explaining why I swear as a result of my life being put at risk by people who refuse to drive safely.

‘I love road cycling. It keeps me fit and gives me the opportunity to enjoy the countryside but being advised that using offensive words is frowned upon more than endangering the lives of vulnerable road users is insulting.

‘All captured close passes should be prosecuted before that driver goes on to cause serious injury or even death.’

Nick handed his footage over to specialist officers from Operation Snap – a branch of the GoSafe police partnership throughout Wales.

Teresa Ciano, partnership manager of GoSafe, said: ‘GoSafe welcomes submission to Operation Snap from all road users and takes the safety of cyclists and other vulnerable road users seriously.

‘Close passes of both cyclists and horse riders are dangerous and poses a risk to the safety of cyclists and horse riders.

‘The footage received by Mr Thompson clearly demonstrates some close passing of vehicles. We have offered some words of advice to allow us to secure the best possible chance of prosecution.

‘As police, we need to consider the offences in the whole and the effect of Mr Thompson’s behaviour on those innocent road users not involved in any way. The advice issued about foul language is intended to allow us to prosecute offenders without having the case undermined if his behaviour is challenged in court.’

Gwent Police deputy chief constable Amanda Blakeman told cycling website Roadcc: ‘We work closely with GoSafe, also known as the Wales Road Casualty Reduction Partnership, and other partner agencies to ensure the safety of road users.

‘The force often provides advice and tips to road users, and the wider public, about how to stay safe while on our roads and where to report concerns. Any offences identified on our roads will be investigated by officers.’

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