Dan Wootton clashes with guest over Prince Harry memoir ‘lies’

Dan Wootton clashes with GB News guest

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Dan Wootton spoke out about the “lies” that Harry has written about him with social commentator Joanna Jarjue and royal expert Angela Levin. The conversation became heated after Mr Wootton described Harry’s claims as “lies”, with Joanna asking him, “how do you know they are lies?” after Dan said, “what about all of the lies?”

Mr Wootton asked Ms Jarjue: “You say oh we should trust it, it’s history, but there are so many lies.”

Ms Jarjue replies: “That’s your opinion though.

“How would you know whether they are lies or not?”

Dan, clearly frustrated, said: “Well, I’ll tell you how, because [Harry] writes specifically about me and the Megxit story and he completely lied by saying that I was working with the Palace.

“Conspiring with the Palace to break that story and that is a point-blank lie.

“So I know there are lies in that book. There’s one about me, that’s how I know.”

Ms Jarjue then hit back, and asked: “If you weren’t conspiring with the Palace, how did you come across that story”, to which Mr Wootton replied, “none of your business”.

Dan then pointed out that “as journalists, we protect our sources”, adding that “we don’t have to reveal who our sources are”.

He concluded: “It doesn’t mean that the source is the Palace.”

Prince Harry: Spare becomes fastest selling non-fiction book

In his recent article for Mail Online, Mr Wootton wrote that it is “literally the job of some courtiers to work with journalists”.

He added that this has been done to discover “legitimate stories in the public interest about the monarchy”, adding that this is because The Firm is a “publicly funded institution that should be held accountable by the fourth estate”.

Dan added that this is a “professional way of working as a journalist” in order to gain ” both sides of the story”.


Following his recent claims, in the interviews and recent docu-series, Mr Wootton added that Harry wants to “paint the media as an evil force stoking culture wars and trying to divide Britain”, adding, “I’d argue he’s far more responsible for that.”

Prince Harry’s bombshell memoir was released on January 10, 18 months after it was originally revealed by Penguin Random House.

Spare explores the life of the Duke from the death of his mother, the late Princess Diana in 1997 to the present day as a father and husband.

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