Daughter tries to evict mother from home after ‘shouting’ at child

A daughter is trying to evict her 82-year-old mother from her flat, claiming that she “shouted” at her young daughter. Dawn Gibbons and her mother Norma, live in upstairs and downstairs flats in a £1.4million converted house in south London. Dawn, 52 has been in a six-year feud with her mother over accusations she raised her voice to her granddaughter, resulting in a series of court cases.

Appearing before a judge, Dawn Gibbons accused her mother of repeatedly refusing people entry to the upstairs flat, including ignoring a court order to allow repair works to be carried out, the Telegraph reports.

Dawn Gibbons told the court the two had a good relationship before the row.

In 2004 Norma Gibbons transferred ownership of her £800,000 flat to her daughter for “inheritance tax reasons”, Central London County Court heard.

But Norma argues she would not have handed over legal ownership if she knew her daughter was going to try and evict her.

Representing herself, Dawn told the court her mother “shouted” at her daughter resulting in the breakdown of their relationship.

In a previous legal case, Dawn sued her mother to try and force her to allow builders in the upstairs flat to repair a leak she said was damaging electrics telling the court the damage was “unrepairable”.

She said: “The electricity is failing in my home. My daughter and I are in danger. I have pleaded with the defendant. What more can I do?”

Lara Simak, representing Norma told the court she had not refused access and the leak had been repaired.

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Speaking on the attempt to evict her client she said: “When transferring the property into her daughter’s name, she had an expectation to live there for the rest of her life.

“Certainly, she didn’t expect to be kicked out of her flat by her daughter, otherwise she wouldn’t have transferred it.”

Judge Richard Robert ordered that Norma must allow her daughter entry to investigate any repairs needed.

He told the pair that there would be a trial of Dawn’s application to evict her mother in the coming months.

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