David Carrick’s victim opens up on how he held gun to her her head

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Rapist police officer David Carrick held a gun to one of his victim’s head before brutally attacking her, a court has heard. The 48-year-old also used his police baton and handcuffs during attacks on a dozen women over 17 years, a sentencing hearing at Southwark Crown Court was told on Monday.

The sex fiend also locked another victim in a tiny cupboard, “whistling at her as if she was a dog” and sent traumatised victims pictures of him holding a police-issued gun, adding: “remember, I am the boss”. 

Another told Southwark Crown Court she considered suicide and that she “freezes” every time she sees a police car.

Carrick told one victim he was a police officer and the “safest person” she could be with, before raping her at gunpoint.

Detailing the horrific attack, the woman told the court: “That night I felt I had encountered evil.

“I distinctively remember his words – ‘come on, you can trust me, I am the safest person you can be around, I am a police officer’.

“I honestly thought he was going to kill me that night, I thought he was going to rape me and kill me and that my life would be over.

“I felt lucky to be able to leave the next morning as I didn’t believe that I would be doing so.

“The memories of what he did have always been so very painful, but the truth of that night should be told, and he should be held accountable for his actions.

“I realise that nothing can change the past, but he had no right to assault me, sexually, mentally or physically, and has no understanding of how much this has impacted my life.”

Prosecutor Tom Little KC told the court: “It carried on for some time. He put his hands around her throat and said he was going to be the last thing she saw.”

Once the woman left Carrick’s flat she went to hospital where she was found to have suffered extensive injuries, including bite marks, bruising and internal bleeding. 

The victim was told by the nurse she needed to be “ready” if she was going to complain and “she might be better to try to put it behind her and move on”.

The disgraced PC relied on his “charm” to “beguile and mislead” his victims and would use his “power and control” – in part because of his status as a police officer – to stop them from leaving or reporting him, the court also heard.

Prosecutor Tom Little KC said: “If the offending had to be accurately and fairly summarised, it was a systematic catalogue of violent and brutal sexual offences perpetrated on multiple victims.

“She could be a new girlfriend, a long term partner, a police officer that he worked with or that he did not work with, a friend from a local sports club, his cleaner, a school friend or a stranger,” he said. 

“Where he had the opportunity he would rape them, sexually abuse them, assault them and humiliate them.”

The officer, who guarded sites including embassies and the Houses of Parliament, took training courses, including one on domestic abuse in 2005, the court heard.

Carrick, unmasked as one of Britain’s most prolific sex offenders, also belittled his victims and threatened them 

One woman – who Carrick met in 2017 – was repeatedly locked in a small cupboard and forced to strip naked.

Little said: “Every time this occurred she was made to strip naked. On one occasion she asked to get out as she was having a panic attack. He would not let her out. 

“She made herself calm down and he let her out. They did not communicate whilst she was in the cupboard, he would stand outside and whistle at her as if she was a dog.”

The woman, who Carrick met on a night out with other officers, said he hit her with a whip and would drink two bottles of wine before returning to his shift.

“He told her that she belonged to him and that she must obey him,” Mr Little said.

“He told her that she belonged to him and that she must obey him. He would call her ‘his whore’ and ‘his prostitute’.

“He threatened her with his police baton and sent her a photograph of his work-issue firearm, saying, ‘Remember I am the boss’.”

Another woman, who met Carrick on dating website Badoo, described him as “acting like a monster when he was in drink”.

The court heard Carrick would call her his “slave” and when he asked her to clean his house naked she was “scared” because he was a police officer.

Another woman was left feeling suicidal and “physically and mentally exhausted” after dropping from dress size 14 to a six in months after meeting Carrick on dating app Tinder, the court was told.

He would watch her remotely using cameras installed at his home, cut her off from friends and family members and control how much she ate and when she slept, the prosecutor said.

The prosecutor said the case fell short of meriting a whole-life sentence but called for a life sentence with a fixed minimum term.

Alisdair Williamson KC says his client “accepts full responsibility for what he’s done”.

“There can be no excuse, only the shadow of an explanation,” he adds.

Mr Williamson says one victim had noted that “something had profoundly damaged this man”.

“He is testament of how the abused becomes the abuser,” the barrister adds.

“He cannot ask for mercy and does not.”

Mrs Justice Cheema-Grubb is expected to sentence Carrick, from Stevenage, Hertfordshire, on Tuesday after he previously pleaded guilty to 49 charges relating to 12 women between 2003 and 2020.

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